Zoe Ball's son Woody opens up about bisexuality and feeling rejected on 'The Circle'

(Channel 4)
(Channel 4)

Zoe Ball and Fatboy Slim’s son Woody has opened up about being bisexual in an honest chat on the reality show The Circle, admitting he was surprised it hadn’t made him more relatable to the show’s other stars.

Woody Cook, 18, is one of the contestants on the Channel 4 gameshow, which sees players live in isolation from each other in an apartment block, only communicating through a social media app created especially for the series.

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Players can choose to be themselves in the game or take on a new persona if they think it will make them more popular, but Cook decided to stick firmly to his true self and bared his feelings about his sexuality to another contestant over the weekend.

After the disappointment of being voted the least popular player in the opening episodes, Cook revealed to Georgina: "Being bisexual on The Circle, I thought I was going to have loads of chat. But in actuality, I think being 18 scared everyone away.

"I'm embarrassed to say that I flirted a bit with Judy but I don't think it went down the best. #worthashot."

Judy is actually the alter ego of TV star Richard Madeley, who is secretly playing under his wife’s name but posing as a woman in her 20s.

As the pair discussed Cook’s sexuality over the show’s social media app, he told the story of how he had first realised he was bisexual.

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He wrote: "It's a funny story really. I was at a party when I was 15, I was chatting to a girl who was gay (who I was trying to get with) and I told them I was bi to impress them.

"The next day I woke up and I realised drunk Woody was telling the truth."

His fellow contestant wasn’t the only person impressed by his honesty, as viewers tweeted their support for him being able to speak openly about his experiences.

This is the second series of the Channel 4 reality show, but the first to feature any well-known players.

Comedian Alex Hobern won the debut series after convincing the other contestants that he was actually his real-life girlfriend, Millie.