'Zombied' Is The New Dating Trend That's Even Worse Than Ghosting

Depressed woman sitting on sofa at home
Depressed woman sitting on sofa at home

Depressed woman sitting on sofa at home

In case you didn’t know, in the dating world, being ghosted is when somebody who previously seemed interested cuts off all communication seemingly out of nowhere, never to be seen again. As well as being, frankly, rude, ghosting can impact the mental health of the person being ghosted, with some reporting feelings of internalised rejection, self-blame, and feelings of low self-worth.

Now, as if being ghosted wasn’t bad enough, TikTok creators are discussing their experiences of being ‘Zombied’. 

What Is Being Zombied?

Have you ever dated somebody, been ghosted and then weeks, months, or even YEARS later heard from them again? We’ve all been there!

This frustrating experience now has the name ‘zombied’. 

TikTok creator and singer Mariel Darling discussed the phenomenon and one commenter, who got 3,000 likes said, ”Have you noticed they all zombie at the same time? Like, why are four guys from my past hitting me up on the same day?’ with another adding ’and we’re living in an apocalypse fr.”

Why Do People Zombie?

While this may be common, some may still be wondering what even prompts this ghoulish behaviour. 

Kathryn Alice, a US-based Soulmate and Heartbreak Coach says that the reason people zombie is because they didn’t realise that they had formed an attachment to you and might even miss you.

She warns, though, that this doesn’t mean you should necessarily dive back into dating them.

She says that you should proceed with caution and should instead determine what their motives are, discuss how their ghosting made you feel, and ‘honour yourself’ by walking away if it doesn’t feel like a good fit.