Zoo Chimpanzee Delights Visitors by Expertly Tossing Back Sandal That Fell into His Enclosure

Dong Dong the chimpanzee has a reputation at Shendiao Mountain Wildlife Park in China for being polite and intelligent

<p>Newsflare</p> Dong Dong the chimpanzee throwing a shoe out of his zoo enclosure


Dong Dong the chimpanzee throwing a shoe out of his zoo enclosure

Dong Dong the chimpanzee doesn't believe in the adage "finders, keepers."

The compassionate chimpanzee resides at Shendiao Mountain Wildlife Park in China's Shandong Province, according to Newsflare. On May 13, a visitor to the zoo stopped by the chimpanzee exhibit and accidentally dropped their sandal in the habitat while viewing the animals.

After the footwear landed in the primates' enclosure, Dong Dong approached the shoe and picked it up. The animal then started playing with the surprise gift, much to the dismay of the shoe's owner.

In response, the zoo visitor located a zookeeper and asked for assistance retrieving their sandal. The zookeeper agreed to help and communicated with Dong Dong from the walkway above the chimpanzee's enclosure.

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Footage of the exchange shows the ape, who is sitting with the sandal in his mouth at the start of the clip, looking up at the keeper as the person addresses him. Shortly after the keeper communicates with Dong Dong, the chimpanzee expertly tosses the sandal from his perch up and over the railing surrounding his habitat. The primate's high toss is precise enough to land the sandal near the keeper's feet.

<p>Newsflare</p> Dong Dong the chimpanzee throwing a shoe out of his zoo enclosure


Dong Dong the chimpanzee throwing a shoe out of his zoo enclosure

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The clip ends with the shoe returning to its rightful owner as Dong Dong watches.

According to Newsflare, Dong Dong has a reputation at Shendiao Mountain Wildlife Park. He is known for being intelligent and helpful. Zoo officials informed the outlet that this is not the first time 14-year-old Dong Dong has returned a dropped item to a park visitor.

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