Zoo leopard fights with pet Corgi dog from behind glass in China

A zoo leopard fought with a pet Corgi dog from behind the glass in China.The encounter happened at Zibo Zoo in Shandong province when the pooch's owner took it to the big cat area.Footage shows the pup jumping up on a low wall for a better look. But when one leopard saw the Corgi, the big cat went wild trying to reach it.Standing on its hind legs, it scraped frantically at the security glass screen, trying to tear its way through as it bared its razor-sharp teeth.Undaunted, the Corgi responded by yapping at the leopard before jumping down from its perch.Pet owner Han filmed another encounter between her pet and its close relatives when they stopped by the wolf enclosure.The Corgi once again sparked interest as it sat right by the glass, tempting the four curious wolves as they try to sniff out the visitor.