Zookeepers Train Rhino to Accept Seasonal Allergy Treatment

Keepers at Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria, Australia, have made allergy season easier for a southern white rhinoceros who suffers from sore eyes in spring and summer.

Footage shared by the zoo shows keepers administering eye drops and antihistamine cream to 31-year-old rhino Letaba.

The footage is the result of months of training by keepers to get Letaba to voluntarily accept treatment for seasonal allergies, the zoo said.

“During the training, we encourage Letaba into the training yard with her favorite foods so that we can get a good look at her eye before we apply any treatment,” savannah keeper Linda Gardiner said. “While we administer the drops and cream, Letaba has complete choice and control about when to leave, which is the philosophy behind all our healthcare training at the zoo.”

The southern white rhino is classified as “Near Threatened” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Credit: Werribee Open Range Zoo via Storyful

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