1 in 3 Brits think Princess Diana was assassinated

The crash also killed her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and the chauffeur. (AP Photo/Jerome Delay, File)
The crash also killed her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and the chauffeur. (AP Photo/Jerome Delay, File)

Twenty years after her death, one in three Britons think Princess Diana was assassinated and almost two thirds are at least open to the possibility.

That’s according to research by YouGov marking the anniversary of Diana’s death in a Paris car accident after her driver Henri Paul crashed while drunk — or so the authorities want you to believe.

Asked whether or not the statement “Princess Diana was assassinated” was true or false, an alarming total of 37 percent said it was true, with nine per cent claiming it was definitely correct and 28 per cent saying it was probably true.

A further 27 per cent said the conspiracy theory was probably false, while just 19 per cent definitively ruled out the notion of foul play. 18 per cent of the more than 3000 Brits surveyed by YouGov said they didn’t know whether the statement was true or false.

The figure is higher among members of the public who voted Leave in last year’s EU referendum, with 44 per cent saying they believed the late Princess of Wales was either definitely or probably assassinated. In contrast 59 per cent of Remain voters say they believe that theory to be either probably or definitely false.


The split doesn’t end with Diana’s death, however. Leave voters are also much more likely than Remainers to believe that aliens have been in contact with the Earth — at 31 per cent to 21 per cent — and that the moon landings were faked by the American government and NASA — 18 per cent to eight per cent.

In more recent events, there’s also a clear divide between Brits who voted for Brexit and those who didn’t when it comes to Donald Trump’s election.

While a sizeable 60 per cent of Remainers think Russian intelligence services helped Trump get elected, that number drops to just 39 per cent of those who voted Leave, with 34 per cent of Leave voters labelling the statement false.

For those hoping we can eventually move beyond our partisan conflicts and come together as a nation there is hope, however.

Exactly the same number of Brits who voted Remain and Leave — a reassuring 95 per cent — are confident that Elvis Presley is indeed dead, thank you very much.

The full results are available here if you want a further terrifying insight into the mind of the British public.