The 1% Club viewers left confused after spotting question ‘error’ on latest episode

Viewers of The 1% Club were left scratching their heads after spotting what appeared to be a mistake in the show on Saturday night (27 April).

In the series, hosted by Lee Mack, 100 contestants compete to win prize money of up to £100,000, by answering a series of questions – the last answer of which would only be known to one per cent of the general public.

Competitors start the game with £1,000 each, which is then re-distributed into the prize pot when they answer a question incorrectly.

During the latest episode, fans playing along at home noticed there seemed to be multiple correct answers to a question from the 30 per cent section.

It read: “Amrit and his grandad share the same birthday. Their birthday balloons arrive muddled up. Amrit’s grandad is three times older than him. How old is Amrit?”

An image beneath the question showed four gold balloons shaped in the numbers six, eight, seven and two.

The correct answer to the question was that Amrit is 26 years old, making his grandfather 78.

The 1% Club viewers were left confused after a question appeared to have two answers (ITV)
The 1% Club viewers were left confused after a question appeared to have two answers (ITV)

However, one viewer commented on the show’s official Instagram page, saying their partner was “adamant” his answer of 29 was also right.

“There’s no string on those balloons,” they wrote. “Therefore, you could turn the six upside down. 3x29=87 What do you reckon? Was he still in, or was he out of the game?”

Viewers on X/Twitter agreed the correct answer could also have been 29. “Two answers, which is odd,” wrote one fan. “Flip the six round to a nine a could’ve been 29 and 87.”

“If I had put that [29] in the studio I would expect to appeal!” one outraged viewer added. “Previous questions have used balloons to switch six and nines.”

Meanwhile, another person claimed ITV bosses “should’ve drawn strings on the bottoms of the balloons” if they wanted to “avoid” competitors flipping the balloons upside down.

Lee Mack on ‘The 1% Club’ (ITV)
Lee Mack on ‘The 1% Club’ (ITV)

It comes after a man who won £99,000 on The 1% Club revealed he managed to keep his prize secret from his family for almost a year.

Daniel O’Halloran, who was a contestant on the show in July 2022, was given the choice to take home £10,000 or gamble one more question to win the jackpot of £99,000.

The 24-year-old ended up taking the risk and won £99,000, only £1,000 less than the top prize of £100,000.

O’Halloran kept his prize money a secret from his parents until the show aired almost a year later in May 2023.

“I always said I would take home the £10,000 if I got to the end,” he told The Chester Standard.

“For the last nine months, my family had thought I’d taken the £10,000 because I wouldn’t have been able to keep a whole secret.”

He continued: “We all watched it together and when I said I would take on the question they were just going nuts. It was just the best thing because it’s been difficult not telling them all.”

The 1% Club airs on ITV1 on Saturday nights.