The 1% Club's Lee Mack left in shock at contestant's brush with Hollywood fame

The 1% Club's Lee Mack
The 1% Club's Lee Mack -Credit:ITV

Lee Mack was left in a state of shock during Saturday's edition of The 1% Club, on finding out that contestant Steven Wong came agonisingly close to landing a role in a Hollywood blockbuster alongside an A-list megastar. And viewers were then upset to learn that Steven had died after filming, with a tribute to him airing at the end of the show.

One of, if not THE most popular quiz show on TV right now, The 1% Club involves 100 members of the public trying to answer questions on a wide variety of subjects to try in the game and be in with a chance of getting a slice of a big money prize at the end. The latest episode, just like it has done over the last few weeks, aired on ITV right after Britain's Got Talent, with Lee once again at the helm as a new batch of players entered the studio.

Around half way into the show and, after a number of contestants had already come unstuck having given wrong answers, comedian Lee chatted to Steven, who used his pass lifeline to avoid elimination as a question on time claimed 13 victims.

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When asked what he did for a living, Steven told Lee that he worked for a utility company, before adding: "But when I was younger....I think I should have been actor." And it was then that Steven recalled a moment from his past which could have taken him on a very different outcome, had the outcome gone in his favour.

He explained: "When I was young my parents put me forward for an audition for an acting part. I didn't realise this until the end, but apparently we got down to the last two, me and another kid." Hesitating slightly, he continued: "Don't forget it was a long time ago - I was only 10."

Growing more and more curious, Lee asked: "What was the film?" and on finding out from Stephen that it was in fact Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, exclaimed: "No way!!! The little kid? and you were down to the last two? That's incredible."

Steven then told Lee he 'didn't like to talk about it anymore' to which Lee retorted: "You don't like to talk about it but you've brought it up on national television!"

After Steve's tale of his near Hollywood stardom entertained both Lee and viewers at home, it was revealed right at the end of the closing credits that Steven had passed away, with 'In memory of Steven Wong. 1972-2024; appearing on screen.'