10,000 fans sign petition for Danny DeVito to become the next Wolverine

Katie Rosseinsky
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10,000 fans sign petition for Danny DeVito to become the next Wolverine

Thousands of comic book fans have signed a petition calling for Danny DeVito to play X-Men favourite Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman played the clawed mutant in the film franchise and in a series of spin-off films between 2000 and 2017, before finally saying goodbye to the role in James Mangold’s Logan.

Following the Disney and Fox studio merger in March, Marvel has regained the rights to use Fantastic Four and X-Men characters in future films, after selling the properties to 20th Century Fox in 1993.

The move has prompted extensive speculation over whether the X-Men - including Wolverine - will be absorbed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and re-cast with different stars.

Bowing out: Hugh Jackman said goodbye to the role in 2017 (20th Century Fox)

Disney CEO Bob Iger fanned the flames last year when he suggested that a crossover “only makes sense,” telling the Hollywood Reporter: “There shouldn’t be two Marvels.”

Now, fans have suggested that only one star could possibly live up to Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine - and that star is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Danny DeVito.

Unlikely superhero: Could Danny Devito become the new Wolverine? (Dave Benett)

More than 10,000 people so far have signed the Change.org petition, which describes DeVito as “the only man able to take the throne after Hugh Jackman.”

“We believe that if Wolverine is to make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that the only man able to pull it off is Danny DeVito,” the appeal reads.

“Wolverine is short. DeVito is short. Wolverine is hairy. Hey, so is Devito. THIS MAKES SENSE!” one signatory wrote.

“Only way I’ll watch another Wolverine movie,” another added, while a third described the much-loved star as “God’s gift to us.”

“Danny DeVito is the best actor of all time, and can play any role,” another comment read. “If he can play Arnold Schwarzenegger’s twin brother, he can play Logan being the best at what he does.”

X-Men producer Lauren Schuler Donner revealed in an interview earlier this year that Jackman's decision to say goodbye to Wolverine was rooted in the physical toll the role had on his body.

“Once you reach a certain age, the body just won’t go anymore,” she told Slashfilm.

“I think he was wise to say, ‘I’m at that point. I can’t do it.’ Now that doesn’t mean he can’t come back as older Wolverine. You never know.”