Paris Hilton and Carter Reum welcomed their first baby via a surrogate

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum welcomed their first baby via a surrogate

There are many reasons why parents-to-be opt for surrogacy when starting a family, including fertility issues, a history of pregnancy loss, being in a same sex relationship or simply not wanting to carry. But, despite a 350% growth in the use of surrogates in the UK and internationally in the last 12 years [via Brilliant Beginnings], it's not a topic that often comes up in conversation.

To break the silence around surrogacy, more and more celebrities are opening up about their experience and decision to use one. Take Kim Kardashian for example, after two high risk pregnancies she opted for a surrogate to carry her third and fourth children. Meanwhile, actor and model Amber Heard chose to use a surrogate to embark on motherhood as a single parent.

There are two different types of surrogacy – gestational and traditional. Gestational surrogates are not biologically related to the child they carry, and usually conceive through IVF (where an embryo is created using an egg donor, or from the child's intended mother, and transferred into her uterus). A traditional surrogate, on the other hand, uses her own eggs and is therefore biologically related to the child.

With that in mind, we've taken a look at all the celebrities who've welcomed children via surrogacy, and what they've had to say about the experience. It's important to bear in mind though, that surrogacy laws in the UK and the US differ, so if you're hoping to use a surrogate to start your family, it's best to check the government's official advice.

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From Kim Kardashian to Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, here's all the celebrities who've opened up about their experience with surrogacy.