11 Home and Away spoilers for next week

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Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Coming up on Home and Away, Ava's latest stunt results in Justin facing a prison sentence.

Elsewhere, there's wedding bells in Summer Bay when Tane and Felicity say 'I do', and Remi supports Bree in her hour of need.

Here's a full run down of 11 massive moments coming up.

1. The search for Ava continues

ava gilbert in home and away
Channel 5

Justin is beside himself with worry after finding out Ava has jumped into a stranger's car and he hounds Theo for information on the driver. In a fluster, Theo is only able to remember the make of his vehicle.

Eager to help, Theo heads to the beach in search of Ava but finds Kirby there instead. Justin is annoyed when he catches them chatting and his anger builds when he learns Ava fled after Theo laid into her over breaking Kirby's music equipment.

Justin is too distressed to recognise his daughter was in the wrong and pushes the blame on Theo. He reports Ava's disappearance to the police, but they point out she is 16 and willingly got into the car.

2. Justin is arrested

cash newman and justin morgan in home and away
Channel 5

With still no sign of Ava, Theo texts her to say sorry, insisting he made a mistake and wants to know if she's alright. But as his message reaches Ava, the manipulative teen decides to use it to her advantage and sends an SOS saying she's in trouble.

Theo immediately forwards her reply to Justin, who rushes to Ava's rescue and finds her lying on a mattress in the back of a shirtless stranger's combi.

Convinced the driver, Conor, has harmed Ava, protective Justin sees red and savagely attacks him. The police quickly arrive on the scene to arrest Justin and take him to the station for questioning.

Distressed Ava watches on as her dad is dragged into an interview room and tells Theo he was meant to come to help, not Justin.

3. Justin faces a prison sentence

cash newman and justin morgan in home and away
Channel 5

At the station, Justin pleads his case and is left fearing he was too late to stop Ava being sexually assaulted. Meanwhile, Roo and Rose escort Ava home, where she admits Conor never laid a finger on her.

Justin is relieved to hear from the police that Ava was unharmed, but his elation turns to horror when he realises her lies led him to assault an innocent man.

The consequences of Ava's actions continue to be felt when Justin is charged with grievous bodily harm and told he might get a custodial sentence.

4. Ava confesses to the police

ava gilbert in home and away
Channel 5

Returning home, Justin struggles to understand why Ava would deliberately lie about being in danger. He confronts Ava, who declares she wanted someone to put her first and accuses Justin of focusing all his attention on Theo.

Shocked by the depth of her rage, Justin takes Ava to the police station, where she apologises for her behaviour. Reconnected, father and daughter promise they'll get to know each other better.

But while Ava and Justin call a truce, Leah is still annoyed by Justin's inability to acknowledge what he did to Conor.

5. John is dealt a huge blow

john palmer in home and away
Channel 5

John returns to the Bay to discover Dean and Ziggy left without saying so much as a goodbye. Feeling hurt by their hasty exit, John takes his upset out on Mali.

Later, after taking Rose's advice to butter John up, Mali finds him looking at a farewell message from Dean and Ziggy written on the office whiteboard. John can't believe that after everything, he's only worth a scrawled 'so long'.

Mali tries to get John on side, but angry John declares he won't be made a fool of again.

6. Mali wins John round

kyle shilling as mali hudson in home and away
Jeremy Greive - Channel 5

Kind-hearted Mali tries to lift John's spirits with deliveries of coffee and pizza, but to no avail.

However, after taking time to reflect, John is grateful for Mali's support and asks if he'd like to share the leftover pizza with him. Mali joins him and accepts John's apology over his earlier behaviour.

The following morning, a re-energised John approaches Mali to discuss his ideas for the board shop, leaving Rose impressed by her boyfriend's powers of persuasion.

7. Bree drops a pregnancy bombshell

bree cameron in home and away
Channel 5

Having rediscovered his musical mojo after getting his cast removed, Remi enjoys busking to a large crowd. But the moment is ruined when Remi sees Bree walking by and abruptly ends his performance.

In turmoil, Remi admits to Felicity that Bree saw another woman leaving his house and reveals he was too proud to tell her it was platonic.

Later, Remi explains himself to Bree, but is stunned to learn she's pregnant and doesn't know if he's the father.

8. Remi supports Bree

remi carter in home and away
Channel 5

After listening to Bree's ordeal at the hands of Jacob, caring Remi reassures her she has nothing to be ashamed about. Grateful for his support, Bree bravely explains that she's booked in for a termination the following day.

Remi shares Bree's baby news with Eden and insists all he cares about is what is best for her. Xander also offers his support to Bree and pleads with her to stop blaming herself.

The following day, Remi is by Bree's side as he accompanies her to the hospital for her abortion.

9. Tane and Felicity plan an impromptu wedding

felicity newman and tane parata in home and away
Channel 5

Felicity and Tane are fed up with waiting for Eden and Cash to get back to them about their wedding plans, so the impatient couple decide to take charge and announce they're getting hitched – tomorrow.

Wanting to keep things low-key, Tane and Felicity opt for an intimate ceremony followed by a party at Salt. And with no time to lose, Felicity and Eden head out wedding dress shopping, while Tane recruits Cash to help him with a few last-minute details.

Later, Cash asks Felicity if he can walk her down the aisle and is delighted when his sister accepts.

10. Tane and Felicity get married

tane parata and felicity newman in home and away
Channel 5

As their big day arrives, Felicity is overwhelmed to discover Tane, wearing a ceremonial Korowai, has organised a traditional Māori wedding complete with a Kaikaranga and poi dancers.

In front of their family and friends, Felicity recites her vows to Tane in Te Reo Māori before he wraps his Korowai around her – symbolising his love that will surround and protect her for the rest of her life.

Soon it's time for the after party, and as Remi and the band put on an epic performance, Tane unveils a final surprise for his new wife – a mural of their special photographs together.

11. There's confusion for Cash

cash newman and eden fowler in home and away
Channel 5

In the lead up to Tane and Felicity's wedding Eden gets a surprise when she comes across the wedding ring Cash bought for Jasmine.

After getting very merry at the reception, a hungover Cash wakes up the next morning to discover a trail of his and Eden's clothes leading from the living room and the bedroom.

The copper gets a shock when he sees Eden is now wearing Jasmine's ring, and is left wondering if he popped the question the previous night...

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