11 PureWow Editors Reveal What's on Their Holiday Wishlist This Year

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There’s something so delightfully voyeuristic about taking a peek at someone else’s holiday wish list (you know, so long as that person isn’t your child or partner). But it’s also a great way to find inspiration for the gifts you have to buy this year, especially when it comes to figuring out what to buy your too-cool cousin who’s TikTok famous or your bestie who’s suddenly gotten really obsessed with organizing thanks to The Home Edit. That’s why we asked 11 PureWow editors to share their holiday wishlists. From a fancy tub of salt to a few different diffusers and a whole lot of kitchen gadgets (plus, a few pie-in-the-sky splurges), here’s what our coworkers will hopefully be unwrapping come December.

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1. Smeg Milk Frother, Anthropologie Slippers & GenCrafts Watercolor Set

"I'm a chai latte addict but buying one every day isn't exactly the best for my wallet. I've tried making them at home, but it usually results in either burnt milk or a lukewarm latte. Enter: This fancy milk frother from Smeg ($200). According to the brand, it's the secret to whipping up café-quality drinks at home. Speaking of spending time at home, ever since I saw these Sadie Slippers ($38) at Anthropologie, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them. I don’t technically need a new pair of slippers but I'm hoping my boyfriend or my parents will treat me to this pair anyways. Painting with watercolors is how I relax, but my three-year-old set of paints is looking pretty sad lately. This 48 color GenCrafts set ($50; $35) has a ton of pretty shades, plus it comes with two refillable brush pens and a pad of paper—aka everything I need for a Sunday afternoon paint sesh.” —Kara Cuzzone, Assistant Commerce Editor

2. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer & Laptop Stand

“If ever there was a time to get a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer ($400; $260), it's 2020. Now that I spend all my time sitting at the dining room table, I would love to look over and instead of seeing piles of dishes and breakfast remains, glance at a beautiful, gleaming bright red (or turquoise) Kitchenaid. Plus, now that I'm home all the time, I have no excuse not to whip up fresh bread, homemade pasta and all the cakes. But I also saw Mindy Kaling's Insta post about how it's more flattering for Zoom calls to have your computer up high, and now I stack mine on top of a shaky pile of books before a call. (She was right, but I’d rather upgrade to an actual laptop stand ($52)...for safety reasons).” — Alexia Dellner, Senior SEO Editor

3. Fancy PJs, Byredo Gypsy Water Perfume, Ina’s New Cookbook & iPhone Charging Dock

“This year, I want a fancy pair of PJs from Karen Mabon ($118) that also remind me to pick up (and read) the books on my nightstand and a bottle of Gypsy Water perfume from Byredo ($180), since I’m running low on my go-to scent. I’ve also got my eye on the new Ina Garten cookbook, Modern Comfort Food ($21) because we're getting a little bored in the kitchen and I could use an iPhone/Airpod charging dock ($29) to keep next to my computer.” — Roberta Fiorito, Branded Content Editor

4. The Dream of Paris, Maldon Salt, Ring Light, Burke Decor Table & Flower Subscription

“I’m not going to lie, I’d take a gift certificate to ANY hotel in Paris. For example, The Ritz (from $118) will do. But on the more practical side of things, I guess I’d take a tub of Maldon salt ($17) or a ring light ($18) for Zooms. I’d also take a Burke Decor waterfall table ($2,280) to upgrade my WFH setup and a gift that I’d consider to be for the whole family: a flower subscription from The Bouqs (from $36).” —Mary Kate McGrath, Chief Content Editor

5. Brooks Dare Sports Bras, Baratza Encoure Coffee Grinder & Tory Burch Boots

“Realistically, I really want one or two of the Brooks Dare sports bras ($60). They’re a little too expensive to justify buying for myself, but hopefully my mama will be willing to splurge. I also really need a new coffee grinder and it seems this super fancy Baratza Encoure model ($149) is the one to get, according to the internet. However, If I could really ask for anything, it would be these green floral boots from Tory Burch ($748). They’re so gorgeous but also *so* outside my price range it’s wild. But I promise, I’d treasure them for years to come!” — Abby Hepworth, Editor

6. Everlane Cashmere Beanie & Anine Bing Boots

“I have last year's version of this cashmere Everlane beanie ($65) in a beautiful heather grey, but this year I want something a little more statement-making. This Sky Blue color will make my blue eyes pop and should add a bit of life to my otherwise neutral winter wardrobe. I’ve also been eyeing these Anine Bing boots ($599) for weeks, but keep flip-flopping on whether or not to buy them for myself since actual going out plans are few and far between these days. However, if someone were to buy them for me, I would certainly find somewhere to wear them—even if it was just to the grocery store. Mom, if you're reading, I'm a size 39…” — Brianna Lapolla, Senior Editor

7. Artifact Uprising Photo Album & OSEA Vagus Nerve Oil

“I’ve had my eye on The Signature Layflat Photo Album from Artifact Uprising ($289) for a while. Although this year has been impossibly hard, a bright spot for me has been scrolling through pics of past occasions—a birthday party with friends, a trip to Spain, and so on. Needless to say, I need this personalized photo book on my coffee table, stat. I’d also love a vat of OSEA's Vagus Nerve Oil ($48). The tagline says it best: It's the ‘antidote to modern life.’ But really, it's an uplifting oil that helps regulate stress. Come to mama!” — Rachel Bowie, Director of Special Projects

8. Theebouffants Art, Syro Backlace Boots, Automic Gold Hoops & Tattoo Gift Card

“This year, I’m asking for a framed print of judgmental cheetahs ($80; $56) from Theebouffants, an artist I love, in addition to these Syro Backlace boots ($244) which will make me look like Frankenstein (but I don’t care). I’ll also need three pairs of these Automic Gold hoops: In small ($159), medium ($275) and large ($549), so all of my piercings will finally look like they’re from the same planet. And I want a gift card for a new tattoo (from $50), that my parents will inevitably be disappointed in me for. Sorry in advance!” — Sarah Stiefvater, Editor

9. Le Labo Another 13 Perfume, Aritiza Super Puff Jacket & Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Sneakers

“While browsing items for the holidays, I walked into Nordstrom and was drawn to Le Labo Another 13 ($83). I love to try new perfumes and after getting a whiff, this quickly became a must-have. Aritzia is known for their Super Puff coat for being both warm and cute. This cropped style in high gloss black ($225) has just the right amount of shine and is a great length for my frame. Finally, I’ll be using these Nike Blazer Mid '77 ($100) as an excuse to add a retro touch to any outfit. It doesn’t hurt that they’re known for being super comfortable.” —Samantha Glowacki, Executive Assistant to the CEO

10. Pura Diffuser, Prada Belt Bag, Richer Poorer Socks & The Last Line Diamond Tennis Necklace

“My favorite part about WFH is being able to burn a candle while I work but I’ve been dying to switch things up a bit with the smart Pura diffuser ($68). It connects to your phone via Bluetooth so you can control the power of the scent and set it on whatever schedule you want—not to mention, you can get amazing oils from brands like Brooklyn Ellis, Nest and Apotheke. I’d also love to upgrade my daily bag to a sleek Prada belt bag ($995) which has room for hand sanitizer and easily allows me to go hands-free—which is ideal for trips to the grocery store. (To be honest, I’ll prob seek out the aforementioned bag from a resale site like The Real Real or Rebag, for the sake of saving money and creating less waste!) And since I kinda hate buying myself socks, I wouldn't mind receiving a few tie-dye pairs from Richer Poorer ($12). One more thing: If anyone out there really wants to treat me, I absolutely won’t be opposed to unwrapping a diamond Tennis Necklace from The Last Line ($8,725). Your move, Santa.” — Dena Silver, Fashion Director

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