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Next week's Coronation Street episodes see the walls close in on Gary Windass, while Maria Connor continues to grow closer to Ali Neeson… eventually.

Here's a full guide of 13 storylines you can look forward to.

1. Gary gets caught by Sharon – then arrested

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Gary may be Corrie's new supervillain, but he's clearly still at the rookie stage and has a long way to go before he reaches Pat Phelan levels of criminal cunning.

Early next week, Gary continues his efforts to get himself off the hook for the Underworld roof collapse, breaking into Rick's old house and trying to frame him by smearing his clothes with anti-vandal paint. Unfortunately for Gary, Rick's sidekick Sharon just happens to be around to catch him in the act. Oops.

Later in the day, Gary is cornered by the police, who want to haul him in for questioning again. How will he get himself out of this one?

2. Maria tries to forget about Ali – but not for long

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This Friday's Corrie episode (July 19) sees Maria and Ali share a surprise kiss, but their journey to becoming a couple won't be that simple. Early next week, Maria is trying to forget about Ali and turns her attentions back to online dating, despite the disastrous experiences she's had so far.

Maria's latest meeting with a potential match is just as troublesome as the previous ones, so she ends up doing a runner from the Bistro as soon as she gets the chance.

Matchmakers Ryan and Alya decide it's time to intervene by getting Maria and Ali together again, which leads to them having a date at Speed Daal.

3. Michelle lashes out

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You can't accuse Michelle of being inconsistent – she hated the idea of Ali's relationship with Carla, and she's just as unhappy when she finds out about his latest Connor conquest.

When Michelle interrupts the pair's date, she bitterly accuses Maria of chasing Ali for his money. Although Michelle does later calm down, Maria concedes that the romance was a bad idea anyway as Ali is nine years younger than her. Overhearing this, Ali is crushed.

Surprisingly, it's Kirk (of all people) who helps to sort the situation out, encouraging his sister to keep fighting for Ali. By the end of the week, Maria comes up with a romantic gesture to impress Ali and they finally become a proper couple. Better get used to the idea, Michelle.

4. Robert's secret is under serious threat

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As Robert continues to spend time with Vicky behind Michelle's back, he wrongly assumes that nobody in Corrie ever ends up anywhere near a pub that's not the Rovers Return. Sadly for the Bistro boss, Steve and Tim spot him in a pub garden with Vicky after their latest unicorn party.

Steve and Tim quiz Robert over what he's up to, forcing him to come up with a quick cover story – he's merely spending time with Vicky as part of his efforts to get her son Tyler a job. When Steve reports this intriguing gossip back to Tracy, will she realise that Robert is lying?

5. Chesney worries about Gemma and the babies

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With quadruplets on the way, Gemma is still worried about how on earth she and Chesney are going to afford them. Wanting to bring in more cash, Gemma convinces Evelyn to give her some shifts at the corner shop but asks her to keep it a secret from Chesney.

Next week, Gemma starts work at the shop and even puts on a red wig to disguise herself from Chesney's eagle eyes. When this backfires, Chesney angrily accuses Gemma of putting their babies at risk by taking on too much.

6. Chesney reveals his feelings for Gemma

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It's not all bickering where 'Chemma' are concerned, as they end up on the same page by making plans to do a radio interview about the quadruplets. When quizzed by local DJ Jane, Chesney explains that he and Gemma aren't married. Crossing the line just a tad, Jane urges the local listeners to tweet their support for the pair to get wed.

Later, Chesney decides to be honest with Gemma about his feelings, admitting that he never stopped loving her and wants to try again. Will they become a proper couple once more?

7. Gemma's mother arrives

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Next week's episodes feature the first appearance of former Casualty star Jane Hazlegrove as Gemma's mother Bernie. Bernie arrives with the news that she's about to be made homeless and needs money,

Gemma dutifully offers up cash from a charity collection that has been organised to support the babies' future, but Chesney is horrified and warns that Bernie isn't getting a penny of the fundraiser money.

Bernie's appearance in Weatherfield doesn't go down well with her son Paul, who's far less willing than Gemma to give her another chance.

Things only get worse when Bernie makes suggestive comments indicating that she's interested in Chesney, then turns the tables by wrongly accusing him of fancying her. It's fair to say there won't be a dull moment with Bernie on the scene.

8. Roy has a violent encounter

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Mild-mannered Roy finds himself in a rare argument when Evelyn starts a smear campaign against Larry, the electrician who worked on the café before its recent problems. Never one to hold back, Evelyn is convinced that Larry has done a botched job on the wiring and is trying to flee Roy.

Larry becomes convinced that Roy is responsible for the bad-mouthing and launches himself at the café boss. Can someone step in before this gets seriously out of hand?

9. Tyrone notices a surprising romantic spark

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Things look up for Roy when a mystery benefactor convinces Ed to start work on fixing the café's wiring ASAP, even paying the deposit to set the ball rolling. Roy is curious to know who was responsible, but Ed insists that the person responsible wants to stay anonymous.

Evelyn advises Roy to accept the gift with good grace, rather than obsessing over the individual's identity. As the pair continue to bicker, Tyrone notices an underlying fondness between Roy and Evelyn – could this lead to more one day?

10. Kevin causes problems for Sophie and Paula

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Next week's episodes begin on an uplifting note for the Webster family, as Kevin reveals that he's had a sports blade made for Jack, allowing him to run again.

The positive atmosphere for the family doesn't last for long, as Kevin starts to oppose Sophie's relationship with Paula. Paula stays the night at Number 13 following two break-ins at her house, and it's not long before she and Sophie are making plans to move in together.

Kevin is far from impressed over the news, claiming that Paula is too old for Sophie. (Time for Kevin and Michelle to start a "disapproving parents" club, perhaps?) However, when Sophie points out that they're in love and Kevin should get used to it, the mechanic reluctantly invites Paula to move in since she makes his daughter so happy.

11. Paula's secret is revealed

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Those break-ins at Paula's place are clearly no coincidence, as a mystery person clocks her connection with the Webster family and finds a way to steal Kevin's keys from his pocket without him noticing.

This leads to a frightening incident on the Street, as the man later makes his way into Number 13 while Jack is home alone and rifles through Paula's legal papers.

Although Jack isn't harmed and the burglar later gets caught trying to make his escape, Paula is forced to admit that the man is a criminal who she has been working against.

As Paula confesses that he has been targeting her for a while, Kevin and Sophie are both furious that she put their family in danger – and they make it very clear that she's no longer welcome. Can Sophie and Paula's relationship come back from this?

12. Alina's story continues

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Alina's modern slavery storyline continues to bubble away under the surface, as she gets caught out for lying to her love interest Seb. When Sally decides to treat Abi to a manicure, they visit the nail bar together and Abi is confused when Alina gives her the cold shoulder.

Abi later reports back to Seb that Alina is still employed at her 'old workplace', leaving him upset that she lied to avoid him. Is Seb any closer to getting to the bottom of his on-off girlfriend's secrecy?

13. Tracy catches Steve out for lying to her

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Tracy has been busy working at the cab firm for way longer than she needed to, as Steve hasn't bothered to tell her that he has his licence back. However, Steve's deception is ruined when Adam lets slip to Tracy that her secretive hubby is free to drive cabs again – and has been for a while.

Liz and Tracy both suspect that Steve is up to something and some quick detective work leads to them finding Liz's hair extensions, glitter and a strap-on unicorn horn hidden away among Steve's belongings.

Later in the week, Tracy and Liz follow Steve and Tim as they head off to their latest unicorn party and all becomes clear. Tracy is furious with Steve for lying to her about the licence and setting up a business behind her back. Will it be the end of the unicorn antics with Tiny?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV.

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