13 Reasons Why recap: Here's what happened in seasons 1-3

George Fenwick
Dylan Minnette in 13 Reasons Why: David Moir/Netflix

13 Reasons Why is set to return in June, bringing the stories of Liberty High School to a close after a dramatic first three seasons.

It’s been a busy run for its students, and the show has confronted a broad range of issues throughout its first three seasons, including suicide, rape, and bullying.

A lot has happened in this complex show. Let’s do a deep dive into the various challenges the characters at Liberty High have faced up to now…

Season one

Season one revolved around the suicide of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford). Before her death, Hannah had recorded 13 tapes, in which she explained a reason why she chose to take her own life.

Each tape corresponded to a different person at school who had bullied or mistreated Hannah, and each episode revolved around one of the tapes.

It was revealed Hannah was raped by Bryce Walker, as well as bullied and sexually harassed by various classmates, including Justin Foley, Tyler Down and Marcus Cole.

In a now-deleted scene, Hannah ended her life in her bathtub, while the show also revealed that Hannah’s final tape was for Mr Porter, the guidance counsellor, for not taking her seriously when she said she was suicidal.

Clay Jensen, meanwhile, had secretly recorded Bryce confessing to assaulting Hannah. At the end of season one he gave Hannah’s tapes to Mr Porter - including one with Bryce’s confession - and then reached out to his old friend Skye, hoping to reconnect after feeling he failed Hannah.

Meanwhile, Jessica (Alisha Boe), who was also raped by Bryce, found her relationship with Justin at breaking point. At the end of the season, she tearfully told her father what had happened to her.

There’s a whole lot more: Alex (Miles Heizer) shot himself, and Tyler (Devin Druid) was revealed to have a stash of weapons.

Season two

By the end of season two, Hannah Baker’s parents had lost their lawsuit that they brought against the school for negligence, believing they ignored signs that Hannah was suicidal.

While the Bakers and many students testified on Hannah’s behalf, the school district was judged not guilty. The Bakers planned on divorcing.

However, both Bryce and Justin were brought to justice, after Jessica went to the police about Bryce’s rape, with Justin corroborating her story (despite knowing he too would likely be arrested).

Alisha Boe and Brandon Flynn in 13 Reasons Why (David Moir/Netflix)

Season two notably ended on the shocking cliffhanger of Tyler showing up to school, planning on committing a mass shooting. He had previously been beaten and brutally raped by Monty and two of his friends.

After being tipped off about Tyler’s plans, Clay confronted Tyler and managed to calm him down in time for Tony to come take Tyler away.

Jessica was dating Alex, but was revealed to be secretly intimate with Justin still.

Season three

Season three revolved around the death of school bully Bryce Walker.

The season went through a range of suspects, and the culprit was revealed to be Alex (Miles Heizer), who allowed a weakened Bryce to fall into the river as penance for his crimes.

On the night of the Homecoming game, it was revealed that Bryce intended to meet Jess and confess to raping her.

However, he was confronted by Zach (Ross Butler), who assaulted him and broke his arm and leg.

Jess and Alex arrived, and Bryce gave Jess a confession tape, before asking Alex to help him up. However, Alex, in anger over the hurt Bryce had caused, instead pushed him into the river, where he drowned due to being injured and unable to swim.