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Tom Hardy and Paul O’Grady

Paul, 61, first met 39-year-old Tom when the actor appeared on his TV series, ‘For The Love Of Dogs’ back in 2015.
The pair subsequently bonded over their, erm, love of dogs and now regularly text each other – who’d have thought it?

14 bizarre celebrity friendships: The most unlikely BFFs

Earlier today we were left pretty shocked when Paul O’Grady revealed that he was good friends with Hollywood hunk Tom Hardy.

Speaking to heat magazine, Paul explained: “He likes coming down to Battersea to hang out with the dogs.

“People come in to look at the dogs and you see them staring at him thinking ‘Is that Tom Hardy?’. I have his number and, yes, we text each other.”

This unlikely friendship only serves as further proof that the world of celebrity is actually rather small, meaning that it is only inevitable that unlikely, cross-genre stars will bump into eachother, mingle, and befriend one another over time.

In fact, Paul and Tom are far from the most bizarre celebrity friendships of our time, here are 14 others that might just surprise you: