15 Brave Souls Who Ventured Into A Mysterious And Very, Very Weird Dimension

15 Brave Souls Who Ventured Into A Mysterious And Very, Very Weird Dimension

Do you ever see a photo and think, "There's no way that occurred in reality"? That happens to me whenever I peruse r/weird. Here are 15 people who definitely entered another dimension:

1."Found this fish skin on the kitchen floor at 5 a.m."

A fish skin is shed and lies on the tiled floor. The textured skin shows detailed scale patterns

2."My brother is a paramedic."

Text messages discussing weekend plans and a situation involving a person who refused to go somewhere and may be unresponsive, with a humorous tone

3."Half a cream bottle filled with hair/fiber?"

A 75mL container of Divine Strength Leave-In Cream for weak, breakage-prone hair is lying on the ground, covered in what looks like hair and debris

4."Found on the way to work."

A Burger King drink cup inside an old computer monitor with modified keyboard keys spelling "BURGER KING" on top and "COMMODES" below.

5."Weird tree."

Three tree trunks merging together at their bases, with two trunks appearing to intertwine around each other. A house is visible in the background

6."There is grass growing out of my sink."

A single green sprout growing through a metallic drain cover in a white sink

7."This pipe I bought as a souvenir in Aruba."

A banana-shaped smoking pipe with detailed peel and fruit designs lying on a textured surface

8."No way."

A tanker truck on a highway with "Poop Life" written in green on the back. Text overlay at the bottom says "Bruh no way."

9."A neighbor spray painted my tree overnight."

Tree trunk with white paint artwork, including faces, stars, and symbols; shot in a forest setting during sunset

10."So many caterpillars."

A leafy branch with a large, camouflaged moth blending into its surroundings

11."This list of top causes of death I found from the year 1632 in London, England."

Summary of 1632 health-related statistics, detailing numbers of deaths and casualties from various diseases and conditions like plague, consumption, and smallpox

12."I know this is completely innocent, but this thing seriously creeps me out."

Hand holding Dr. Jart+ Cryo Rubber Moisture Mask box featuring a blue mask with a cooling effect and hyaluronic acid
u/AuntieYodacat / Via u/AuntieYodacat avataru/AuntieYodacat

13."Saw this while taking a walk."

A tree with a large hollow in its trunk contains a sculpted head of Ludwig van Beethoven peering out. An electrical meter is visible in the background

14."This ominous ring in the night sky."

Two photos of a mysterious dark ring hovering in the night sky. One photo shows it with a faint light, the other with a moon visible

15.And finally, "Guardian doll in my girlfriend's apartment."

A mannequin dressed in a black and white jester hat with a scary mask, standing against a dark curtain background