17 of the best poet and the poem memes sweeping the Internet

Emma Clarke
Twentieth Century Fox

We're only a month in to 2020, but already we've seen some fantastic new memes doing the rounds - from Dolly Parton's amazing LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter gaff, to Marriage Story puns.

One of the latest viral trends on Twitter, however, is the poet and the poem meme: a new fad which involves users selecting a famous scene or quote from a movie or public figure, and placing it side-by-side with an image of the person whose line it is.

Naturally, the Internet is getting stuck into the challenge, attempting to out-do everyone else and be as creative as possible with their entries.

Here are just 17 of the funniest poet and the poem memes so far...

1) I'm a little bit Alexis

2) It's *not* just a belt

3) To the point

4) Oprah is a woman of many words...but not on this occasion

5) A Jesse Pinkman special

6) Eric from Sex Education is a whole mood

7) The beginning of something beautiful

8) Oh, what's occurin'!

9) We'll just leave this here...

10) Irish charm

11) Chaaaaaldish

12) While we're on the Love Island theme...

13) Throwing it back to this iconic Pete Campbell moment

14) It's a classic

15) Topical

16) And finally...