About 2,000 Migrants in Mexico Begin Journey North

About 2,000 migrants marched out of Tapachula, a Mexican city bordering Guatemala, on October 23; some had been waiting for months for Mexican authorities to reply about refugee applications, according to El Universal.

The migrants were primarily from Central America, many accompanied by young children, reports said.

This footage taken by journalist Jose Torres Cancino shows a crowd of migrants walking along a highway toward Huixtla, a town northwest of Tapachula, Cancino said.

Mexican national guard troops previously disbanded a group of several hundred migrants, mostly from Haiti and Central America, who attempted to take the same path out of Tapachula in August, reports said.

On Monday, Mexico’s Foreign Secretary, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, told the press that the Mexican government was going to handle the situation “with prudence, respecting the rights of the people” in accordance with the law. Credit: José Torres Cancino via Storyful

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