How a 20p coin could save motorists hundreds of pounds

A 20p piece could save motorists hundreds of pounds on their MOT, according to motoring experts at Absolute Reg. The coin can be used to check tyres before an MOT test, revealed as one of seven pre-checks that can be done to save on re-test charges.

While the initial maximum cost for a car MOT is £54.85, owners must pay for hefty repairs, retests and labour costs if a vehicle fails. The costs for a single replacement tyre alone can be as high as £250, while mechanic hourly rates can reach £80.

But motorists can carry out simple checks themselves to reduce the risk of an MOT fail, including checking tyre tread using the 20p test and topping up all fluid levels. Absolute Reg director Jake Smith said MOTs can work out to be much more expensive than the initial test cost if motorists don’t prepare their vehicle beforehand.

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“With the cost of living crisis and rising fuel and insurance costs, driving is expensive enough as it is, so it is important motorists know how to keep costs down in this annual test. Simple checks beforehand can help keep repair bills down and get vehicles through the test without hefty charges.

“Ensuring tyre tread depth is at the legal limit with the coin test and replacing flickering or blown bulbs will save a lot of time and money on test day.”

Other similar checks they’re advising of are checking all lights on the vehicle, fluid levels, the condition of seatbelts, and to arrive with enough fuel as testers will turn away vehicles with their fuel lights on.

They also advised checking windshields and other glass for cracks, as this can be easily repaired if the motorist has glass cover added to their insurance.