24 times Madonna switched up her beauty look—and we loved it

Chloe Street

Nobody does reinvention like Madonna.

Since she first broke out in 1982 with the hit Everybody, the beauty chameleon has experimented with just about every look under the sun.

From '80s club kid, to punk through various highly-sexed sirens, to geishas and megawatt Hollywood glamour, Madge has managed to effortlessly channel her rebellious rock star status into many a magical makeup moment.

As the founder of her own cosmetics line, MDNA Skin, the beauty chameleon always has a flawless alabaster complexion as the starting point for her look. Her signature style is to then offset this with a punchy red lip, a slick of liquid eyeliner and high-impact falsies, but over the years she’s also rocked glowing skin and lip glossed glamour, shimmering pink eye shadows and, of course, that signature beauty spot.

When it comes to her locks, the OG queen of pop has pulled off platinum blonde, brunette, jet-black, redhead, curly, straight and cropped with equal amounts of panache.

Known for her insistence on growing older on her own terms, the mother-of-six’s best beauty moment has got to be the gold and diamond-encrusted grillz, which she rocked back in 2013.

As she celebrates her 61st birthday today, we salute the superstar’s ever adventurous, high-octane approach to beauty.

You’re totally badass Madonna, happy birthday.

Scroll through the gallery above for Madonna’s most notable hair and beauty moments.