26 vintage seaside snaps from around the UK

Gareth Richman, Laura Hampson
Two women playing leapfrog on the beach at Broadstairs in Kent in 1927: Getty Images

Another weekend in the UK, another burst of balmy weather.

The heatwave that we have welcomed with open arms is set to rev up again the coming weeks with temperatures in London expected to surpass 30C.

This is the longest hot spell the UK has seen in over 40 years and we're not complaining - besides whenever we get stuck on a Northern Line tube.

Summer in the UK has always been a much-anticipated affair, with families flocking to seaside locales to spend their days swimming in the sea and soaking up the fleeting sunshine.

The gallery above includes pictures from all around the UK - from the Isle of Wight to Blackpool and Brighton, there's even an image from 1878 of beach goers with their horses and carts at Ramsgate Sands.

The gallery also shows how dramatically beach fashion has changed over the past 100 years. In the modern era of wearing next to nothing, it's fascinating to see the picture from Blackpool in 1920 that shows men wearing full suits with top hats to the beach and women in full length dresses.

A couple relax in their deckchairs on the beach at Great Yarmouth in 1913 (Getty Images)

Besides swimwear fashions, it seems not much has changed for Brits when visiting the coast. We still love a good ice cream and a splendid day in the sun.