30 injured in North London explosion after bonfire of smartphones

Nick Reilly

Around 30 people are believed to have been injured at a Jewish festival in North London after a small explosion occurred when a fire was lit.

Reports suggest that mobile phones may have been thrown onto the fire and exploded during the celebrations for the Lag BaOmer festival.

The explosion occurred as local Jewish groups celebrated the Lag BaOmer festival (Picture: Hatzola)

The phones were reportedly thrown onto the flames in Stamford Hill, north London, as a ‘warning against the evil of smartphones’.

It’s believed that the blast only occurred as the fire was being lit, suggesting that it was caused by the fire’s fuel – thought to be oil.

Police were called to the scene, along with the Hatzola ambulance service (Hatzola)
Ambulance crews tended to burns injuries after the incident (999Police)

Footage captured by bystanders at the scene shows a bang and a large flash, with ambulance and emergency services subsequently attending the scene.

London Ambulance were called to the scene at about 11pm and treated multiple people for injuries – with ten hurt by the flames and another 20 injured as they ran from the blaze.

Posting on Twitter, volunteer Jewish ambulance service Hatzola wrote: ‘Earlier this evening, we provided a mega response team to a major incident as a result of a fire explosion, alongside @Ldn_Ambulance @LAS_Hart and @lfbhackney, multiple patients were treated.’

Hackney Police added: ‘Ten individuals suffered minor injuries following large fire lit as part of local Jewish community celebration in Ravensdale Road, Stamford Hill. No criminal allegations reported. No serious injuries.’