5 questions we had after watching the Fargo series 3 trailer

Fargo has been teasing and teasing fans now for a couple of months, with each new promo offering very little in the way of concrete information, but also doing nothing to suggest that Fargo has lost its pitch black humour. With the first full trailer just landed (watch it below), here’s a look at what the third season might have in store.

  1. Will there be death at the library?

It wouldn’t be Fargo without some nasty murder and mayhem. The trailer opens with a shot of the Eden Valley Public Library with a police car outside. Immediately afterwards, we hear the line, ‘It’s a tragedy’ and then somebody is called a ‘horrible man’. Could they be referring to one of the two Stussy brothers that Ewan McGregor will be playing? Is the ‘horrible man’ a victim or a perpetrator? Will we be seeing bloodshed on the books of the local pubic library?

  1. What happened between the Stussy brothers when they were kids?

Ewan McGregor will undoubtedly be at war with himself, and this trailer finally reveals both of the Stussy brothers that McGregor is playing. There’s success story Emmit, also known as the Parking Lot King of Minesota, and then there’s his parole officer brother Ray. Ray wants something from Emmit (let’s face it, probably money)and believes that Emmit still owes him ‘from what happened when we were kids’. So what did happen and how big is this chip on Ray’s shoulder? Will he go as far as to kill his own brother? Or will we get a fight scene as good Tom Hardy vs Tom Hardy as the Kray twins in Legend?

  1. Will Mary Elizabeth Winstead be the standout in the new cast?

Just because Ewan McGregor is pulling double duties by playing both of the Stussy brothers, doesn’t mean he’s going to steal the show. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, so good in 10 Cloverfield Lane, could be the one to watch as she plays the possible femme fatale / Lady Macbeth type figure who seems to be egging Ray on to do something terrible. And because it’s Fargo, he’s probably going to do something pretty stupid too. Will Winstead Nikki Swango get Ray killed? Is that her plan? Or in a surprising twist, is her love for Ray pure?

  1. Can you make meth from frozen orange juice concentrate?

Well this one is pretty much answered for us in the trailer. Carrie Coon’s police chief says no, but it’s interesting that one character is concerned with people making meth in the snowy backwoods of Minnesota. Will meth be a part of the plot? Could Fargo series 3 have taken any inspiration from Breaking Bad? Could we please have a cameo from Jesse Pinkman?

  1. Who’s being beaten and who is doing the beating?

Just in case anyone was worried that there wouldn’t be any murder in Fargo series 3, the trailer offers us a sneak peek at some of the violence that’s in store. But it’s unclear who is doing the killing, and who is being killed. It’s not either of the Stussy brothers doing the bashing and it’s not Winstead’s Nikki Swango. It will be interesting to see if Fargo series 3 keeps a tighter focus on a few main characters as it did in season 1 or if there is a wider scope as in the 70s-set second season.

Either way, we haven’t got long to find out with Fargo premiering on FX on April 19th.