What we’ve learned from the Fargo season 3 promos

There have been a fair few baffling promos for Fargo season 3, but at least in the most recent promo we’ve finally got a look at Ewan McGregor as one of the two characters he’ll be playing. Because despite releasing four videos so far, the folks behind the marketing of Fargo aren’t giving much away. What is painfully clear is that the pitch black sense of humour that has kept us laughing while wincing through the last two seasons is definitely intact.

It all started back in February with one of the least informative promo videos ever created for a television series. With a giant inflatable Santa Claus rocking slowly in the wind before being popped and deflating, it suggests that maybe there is a Grinch on the loose this season. As the wind howls amidst the snow-covered roofs, this deflating Father Christmas scores Fargo its first laugh of the new season. I’m guessing somebody is not a fan of their neighbour’s favourite Christmas decoration. Judging by the lack of other Christmas decorations, I’m dubious this is even taking place at Christmas time. Either way, whoever pops it is clearly not feeling the Christmas spirit.

But if that promo seemed a little light on story details, new characters or anything approaching a typical trailer, then the next promo disappeared into an even deeper pile of snow. What it shows is literally just an air conditioner and as we zoom in on it, we then go through the internal workings of the machine, out the other side and find ourselves staring at some woods. Huh? So it’s cold on the inside and the outside? Is that a metaphor?

This also ties in with another promo video that shows Carrie Coon’s sheriff finding an air conditioning unit out in the middle of a freezing road. So air conditioning may well be a key factor in the plot somewhere. Knowing Fargo, it will probably be a murder weapon of some kind.

Well not to worry, because the mischievous folk at Fargo Towers have now offered us a couple more promos that start to drip feed some information about where we’re heading in season 3. In one of the  latest, the wind whips up a urinalysis report with the word ‘failed’ plastered on it in big red letters. Somebody has been caught with something in their system and they’re probably going to be in a spot of trouble.

Could it be that one of the Stussy brothers that Ewan McGregor is playing has been driving under the influence? The most informative of the promos finally reveals McGregor who is nearly unrecognisable as he sits in a diner with his lady friend. They both get up and leave as soon as Carrie Coon’s cop shows up. McGregor opens the car door like a gentleman as the diner’s faulty neon sign reads DIE ominously. Yes it’s business as usual in Minnesota, and despite all this frustrating teasing, Fargo can’t get here soon enough.