5 Things The Walking Dead Could Do to Win Back Viewers

The Walking Dead is shuffling along in its seventh series, still with incredibly high ratings for a zombie horror show, but also starting to lose some of its less loyal fan base. People have complained about the quality of the writing, the violence of the opening episode, and the generally depressing state of affairs in series 7, but could the writer’s do anything to win back all those who have walked away from the show? Here’s my advice:

Cut Carl’s hair

I’m sorry to be so superficial to start off with, but Carl looks like he’s blown in from a pirate’s shampoo commercial. While Rick and Daryl look like their heads are covered in a bucket of grease every episode, Carl looks like he’s been hogging the shower and ensuring his teenage follicles are going to impress his new girlfriend. I guess the idea of his long hair is that he feels that he wants to cover his eye patch, but the guy needs a haircut badly before a walker grabs hold of his stray hairs and starts smelling the flowery scent of his conditioner. Alternatively, if people really hate Carl that much, kill him off and feed him and his hair to the walkers.

Make Rick’s submission to Negan more convincing

Despite the battering, despite the threat of taking his son’s arm, and despite the general nastiness of Negan, some people are still just not convinced that Rick wouldn’t be fighting back against his oppressor. Rick’s group have gone from cocky kings of the world to snivelling little rats scurrying around Negan’s feet and many think that this is out of character for our former badasses. I think that Negan has given them all a damn good scare, but it would be interesting to see Rick have a proper breakdown and lose his position of authority within the Alexandria residents. Without Rick as leader, and with another demonstration of Negan’s violence but this time at Alexandria for all to see, the submission might be more convincing.

Forget the Rick romance and get Michonne back in a cape and out on the road

The moment we met the hooded Michonne in the woods with her sword, cape and walker pets in chains was the greatest character introduction I think I’ve ever seen. As far as I’m concerned it’s been downhill for Michonne ever since. Yes she’s still a badass, but I want THAT badass back. Get your hood up, get your chains out, and take a hike. I don’t want to see Michonne shacking up with Rick. She’s a lone wolf. Get out there and reclaim your crown as the coolest character in the show.

Give more hints about who will stand up to Negan

A lot of people are moaning that the show has finally gotten too depressing for its own good. For those people, throw them a little bone. If Rick’s lost his nerve, show us who might take his place and lead the charge against Negan. I have to say, it should be obvious to anyone that it’s only a matter of time before Rick rises up again, so you could just be patient and prepare for the storm that is coming. Although saying that, it has been confirmed that Negan will be back for series 8, so don’t expect a quick and easy resolution to this. But who would want that anyway?

Develop Negan’s past to make his reign more convincing

We need to see more of the Saviours. And we need to see more of Negan’s back-story. Some people are not convinced by Negan’s posturing yet. His character needs to be developed, particularly if he is hanging around for more than one season. No doubt some flashbacks and filling in will come in time, but The Walking Dead should do this sooner rather than later. And make it good. We’re counting on you.

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