This £5 vegan and allergy-friendly supermarket Easter egg came out top in a blind taste test

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Easter might be still a week away, but the battle for best Easter egg has already been fought and won.

The experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute whittled down a list of over 100 Easter eggs – and other Easter-themed chocolate treats – to create a shortlist of just 31 to put before their tasting panel.

Angela Trofymova, Head of Food Testing at the GHI says: 'Our taste tests are famous throughout the UK. What’s important to us is that every item we taste test is completely blind and scored on merit – which is why we always have such a wide ranging and interesting set of results.'

This year’s selection included Easter offerings from supermarkets and high-end chocolatiers, with something to suit every taste and every budget.

Three eggs come out on top as the clear winners, but perhaps the most surprising was a £5 vegan and gluten-free offering from supermarket scoring a whopping 80/100.

Asda’s Extra Special Free-From Dark Chocolate Egg with Vanilla Truffles, £5 for 200g, won points for ‘the melt-in-the-mouth chocolate with hidden crunchy cocoa nibs’ and the ‘deliciously gooey’ truffles that come with it.

SHOP NOW Extra Special Free-From Dark Chocolate Egg with Vanilla Truffles, £5, Asda

Because the dairy-free egg is also gluten-free it's a brilliant buy for any coeliacs in the family, as well as ideal for those who are lactose intolerant.

The other two winners, coming in joint-first place with equal scores of 80/100, were:

M&S’s Extra Thick Blonde and White Chocolate Egg and The Chocolate Libertine’s Honeycomb Beehive Egg with Honeycomb nuggets which came in as the most expensive of the options at £69.95.

You can grab the Chocolate Libertine Honeycomb Beehive Egg below, though you'll have to actually go into store to get your hands on the £12 Extra Thick Blonde and White Chocolate Egg from M&S.

It looks like the Easter bunny out-did himself this time around.

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