6 things that will happen when the Queen dies

Cape Town – With 65 years in office, she is the longest reigning monarch in British history. But even Queen Elizabeth II won’t live forever.

In a thorough report of what will happen when Queen Elizabeth dies and the nine days thereafter, The Guardian breaks down the royal procedures – which have been in place for years.

While most people are in denial that her reign will ever end, Buckingham Palace and the government envisage the Queen will pass from a short illness surrounded by her doctors and close family members.

Here are 6 major things that will happen when the Queen dies:

1. Her final hours

In her final hours, Queen Elizabeth’s doctor will be in charge. The gastroenterologist will control who goes in and out of her room as well as what information should be released to the public.

2. London Bridge is down

Official statements will come directly from the palace, giving only the most important details. The first officials to deal with her death will be the Queen’s private secretary, who will then notify the prime minister.

To avoid any information leaking, the Queen’s death will have a code word - London Bridge. When notifying the prime minister and any other officials of her death and what is to happen next the term “London Bridge is down” will be used on secure lines.

3. Prince Charles’ immediate takeover

As Queen Elizabeth’s eyes close her son Prince Charles, who is next in line to the throne, will immediately take over her reign.

queen elizabeth
queen elizabeth

4. Mourning attire

Upon news of the Queen’s death governors, ambassadors and prime ministers will wear three-and-a-quarter inch black armbands on their left arms.

Newsreaders will wear black suits and black ties and a footman wearing mourning clothes will emerge from the palace doors to pin a black-edged notice on the gates.

5. Emergency protocol

The news of Queen Elizabeth’s death will spread fairly quickly. The announcement will be sent out as a newsflash to the Press Association and the world’s media simultaneously. News organisations, whether it is TV, radio, online or print, will scramble to set their own death plans into place.

queen elizabeth
queen elizabeth

6. The next nine days

In the nine days following the Queen’s death her body will be transported to the Buckingham Palace throne room, three days later it will be transported to Westminster Abbey and will stay there for another four days. On the final day, following the official funeral, the coffin will be carried by sailors to St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. The queen will be laid to rest in the royal vault inside.

Obituary films will play, including a video of the then Princess Elizabeth on her 21st birthday when she went on holiday with her parents to Cape Town in 1947.

But the most overwhelming happening, reports the Guardian, will be “an almighty psychological reckoning for the kingdom that she leaves behind.”

Watch Princess Elizabeth's 21st Birthday here:

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