Motorist who is 6ft 7ins tall gets ban for driving Ford Ka STANDING UP to ‘show off'


A motorist has been found guilty of dangerous driving — but claims to just be too tall for his tiny Ford Ka.

Adam Elliott, who is 6ft 7, was spotted with his head poking above the convertible’s roof on the Tyne Bridge, Newcastle.

The car dealer, who was transferring the vehicle to a customer, was accused of standing up while driving and showing off to other motorists.

Despite pleading guilty, he insists he was sat down.

Elliott, 26, who runs We Buy Any Car North East, said: “I was not stood up, I am just tall.”

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“I pleaded guilty to this because I was advised to, but I still insist I was not standing up. It’s just because of my height.

“I’m an excellent driver but I was advised to plead guilty to get it over with.”

Elliott arrives at court (PA)
Elliott arrives at court (PA)

Adjourning the case for sentencing next month, Judge Robert Adams said: “It was pretty obvious you were showing off, demonstrating your height to people in an open top small car.

“You were clearly distracting other drivers. It was a dangerous thing to do.”

The incident took place in January last year, when Elliott drove along the Felling Bypass in Gateshead before making his way over the Tyne Bridge.

The court heard he had 12 previous convictions of driving while disqualified.

He said these had come when he was younger but he had since turned his life around.

Elliott in his Ka (PA)
Elliott in the Ka (PA)

Judge Adams gave him an interim driving ban of 12 months until the case would be heard next.

At an earlier hearing his lawyer, Nick Cartmell, said: “He is adamant he was not standing. The allegation is he was standing while driving. He is a few inches off 7ft.

“He accepts he was high in the seat but he was not standing and was in control of the vehicle. It’s a very small car. It would have been like the Big Friendly Giant in Noddy’s car.”

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