8 of the best scents to wear this summer, according to professional perfumers

8 of the best scents to wear this summer, according to professional perfumers
  • Business Insider spoke to two professional perfumers about the best scents to wear this summer.

  • Tomato leaf and leather with citrusy undertones are great unisex options.

  • Instead of using warm vanilla scents, opt for fruity notes for a lightweight balance.

As wardrobes change with the weather, so do perfumes.

Fragrances are one of the biggest affordable-luxury trends that have boomed in recent years, so Business Insider asked two professional perfumers what scents everyone should wear this summer.

Here's what the experts said.

Tomato leaf is a unique but pleasant base scent for warmer months.

closeup shot of tomatoes on a vine in a garden
Tomato-leaf perfumes smell like a summer garden. Paul Maguire/Shutterstock

According to Caitlin Hayes, founder of Sorcellerie Apothecary, tomato-leaf scents are reminiscent of summer weather and savory garden aromas.

"After a morning spent in the garden, the distinctive sweet and spicy scent of tomato leaves and vine lingers on your hands," she told BI. "So this is a perfect reminder of that."

Hayes recommended Garden Heaux by the Seattle-based company Samar.

A mixture of peony and bergamot is great for summer

Although floral scents never seem to be out of style, perfumes that offer a specific mix of peony and bergamot are the way to go this summer, according to Ashley Santiago, junior perfumer at Givaudan.

"It doesn't get more 'hot girl summer' than this scent, and it's a huge compliment getter as my go-to night-out fragrance when it's warm," she told BI.

She said Carolina Herrera's Good Girl Blush is a great option for this scent profile.

Mango is a classic and delicious scent to wear

two halves of a diced up fresh mango on a plate
Some mango fragrances are more realistic than others. Paul Maguire/Shutterstock

It's mango season, and that goes for both the fruit and the wearable scent.

"This fresh, tropical summer fruit is having a moment — the more realistic, the better," Hayes said.

Santiago recommended Phlur's Mango Mood Body Mist for a realistic and fresh scent.

Tuberose is trending again, and you don't want to miss out

Tuberose has been around for hundreds of years, and according to Hayes, the floral scent is finally falling back into the spotlight.

"Prized for centuries for its sensual scent, it can have a cooling effect," she told BI. "Think gauzy, sweet white petals, still blooming or tempered with soft spice."

The perfumer recommended trying Tuberose Tantra by Kismet Olfactive.

If you like tea, it might be your perfect summer scent

cup of tea in front of a white teapot on a table
Tea scents are light enough for summer. OlgaKhorkova/Shutterstock

According to Hayes, incorporating tea-scented perfumes into your summer rotation is a great and lightweight option.

"Green tea, black tea, matcha, oolong, Earl Grey — however you enjoy your cuppa, there's a perfume for that," she told BI

Some of her favorite options include Nest Fragrances' Indigo and Sweetly Known by Kerosene.

Sweet, citrusy scents are replacing warm vanillas this summer

It's time to put away warmer vanilla scents and opt for light, citrusy alternatives.

"Caramel and vanilla are usually welcome, but heavy gourmands can start to feel oppressive in the heat — a zingy citrus scent has a way of balancing the sugar," Hayes told BI.

The perfumer said Love and Crime by Ex Idolo is a good option for a sweet, citrus smell.

Salted caramel and pistachio make a warm and surprisingly beachy combo

pistachio cheesecake with caramel sauce and pistachios on top
Pistachios and salted caramel blend together nicely.TorriPhoto/Shutterstock

If you want to smell toasty and beachy, Santiago recommended finding a body spray with notes of salted caramel and pistachio.

"I first discovered this salted-caramel-pistachio scent through hair oil and was so happy to see they offered it in a mist format," she told BI.

Sol de Janeiro's Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 fragrance mist is the perfumer's top lightweight pick.

Instead of heavy leather scents, look for ones with notes of bergamot

Leather scents are typically reserved for colder months, but if you find ones balanced with citrus, it could be perfect for summer.

"A leather note combined with some bright citruses like bergamot is an unexpected and unisex combination," Santiago said.

She recommended Memo Paris' Sicilian Leather perfume.

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