These are the eight different prototypes battling it out to be Donald Trump’s Mexico border wall

These are the eight different prototypes for Donald Trump’s controversial wall at the border between the US and Mexico.

The test structures have been set up near San Diego by the Department of Homeland Security.

One of the president’s key electoral promises was to build a wall along the entire length of the Mexican border, stretching some 2,000 miles.

One of the walls in contention (Picture: Getty)
There are eight prototypes (Picture: Getty)

The eight walls have varying features – one has sharp metal spikes on the top.

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The construction companies used to build the prototypes had until October 26 to finish their sample walls.

The final prototype was finished just last week.

Each test wall has cost the US government about £370,000 and they have been set up about 30ft apart.

One of the more imposing prototypes (Picture: Getty)
Six companies have built the eight walls (Picture: Getty)

They vary in colour and design – coming in colours such as blue, white, beige and brown.

Each one stands between 18 and 30ft tall and is designed to withstand at least an hour’s worth of damage from a sledgehammer or battery-operated tool.

They are designed to prevent the use of grappling hooks.

The walls have been designed to look pleasing to the eye from the US side of the border.

The US government has not revealed the details behind the selection process, or whether or not Mr Trump himself will pick the winning prototype.

The wall was one of Donald Trump’s pre-election promises (Picture: Getty)
Four of the walls were made with materials other than concrete (Picture: Getty)

There is still the possibility that none of the eight prototypes will be chosen.

Roy Villareal, acting chief patrol agent of the San Diego border sector, said: ‘It may not result in a singular winner.

Mr Trump insists Mexico will pay for the wall (Picture: Rex)

‘It may be a combination of designs being implemented.’

The border currently has 654 miles of single-layer fencing, as well as 51 miles of double and triple-layer fencing.

Each prototype wall costs up to £370,000 (Picture: Getty)
The walls are up to 30ft high (Picture: Getty)

Mr Trump asked Congress for $1.6bn to replace 14 miles of wall in San Diego and build 60 miles in Texas.

There are six companies in line to build the border wall.

Cadell Construction Company in Birmingham, Alabama, and WG Yates & Sons Construction Company in Philadelphia, Mississippi, have each submitted two prototypes.

Of the eight walls, four have been made of concrete and four from different materials.

As per his campaign pledge, Mr Trump insists that Mexico will eventually pay for the wall, but that the initial cost will come from US taxpayers.