8 ways that Doctor Foster series 2 could end

Morgan Jeffery
Photo credit: BBC/Drama Republic/Nick Briggs

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The latest outing for Doctor Foster could easily have served as a series finale, with Gemma (Suranne Jones) putting her feud with cheating ex-husband Simon (Bertie Carvel) aside to focus her attentions on their damaged son.

Still wearing her bridesmaid's dress from Ros's nuptials, Gemma drove away from her troubles in Parminster and towards a new life with Tom (Tom Taylor).

The end? Nope. We've still got two more episodes to come... so where the heck is this all heading? Series lead Jones has hinted at the climax to series two being a very final ending to Doctor Foster – so, thinking along those lines, we've come up with a few theories as to how things might turn out.

And yes, most of them involve at least one grisly death.

1. Gemma kills Simon

Photo credit: BBC/Drama Republic/Laurence Cendrowicz

"There's only one way I'm leaving now and that's in a coffin," Simon told Gemma in series two's opener. Was this a hint at his ultimate fate? Will Doctor Foster be putting the most hated man on the box in a box by the end of the series?

We've been promised that the show will go to "some very dark places" this year, with writer Mike Bartlett hinting that series two is "about seeing the full extent of what Gemma's capable of".

Will she put Simon out of her misery? Carvel has suggested that his character might get his "comeuppance" soon and it'd certainly be a crowdpleaser, with bloodthirsty viewers demanding brutal justice.

2. Gemma dies

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Alternatively, maybe Gemma meets her maker. Simon's already shown his capacity for violence, attacking his then-wife in the first series, and the assault – for which he was convicted and did community service – has been referenced several times since. Foreshadowing?

Or could Parminster be the side of a tragic traffic collision? We can't be alone in feeling tense any time Gemma steps behind the wheel. ]]>😬