The 8 ways you can spot a Scouser at Glastonbury

The crowd watching Jamie Webster performing on the Left Field stage during the 2022 Glastonbury Festival
-Credit: (Image: Yui Mok/PA Wire)

Many Scousers are currently enjoying everything that Glastonbury Festival has to offer.

Today will see the likes of Coldplay, Little Simz, Keane and Cyndi Lauper performing at Worthy Farm. And while the festival attracts people from all over the world, Scousers have developed a particular affection for the rolling fields of Somerset over the years.

The ECHO spoke to many people from Merseyside earlier this week who were boarding the early coaches from the Liverpool ONE coach station to Glastonbury for the first day of the festival. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide on how to spot a Scouser if you’re at the festival or are watching the live TV coverage.

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They will show their experience

You won’t find too many Scousers getting lost at Glastonbury or not knowing what to do. This is because so many of them had before. When the ECHO was meeting Scousers heading down there on Wednesday, there were plenty of experienced Glastonbury-goers.

Chris Pugh, 42, from Waterloo, said: “I’ve been going down for over 20 years. There’s no place I’d rather be this time of year other than the fields of Somerset.”

“If there’s a party, Scousers are always going to be up for it, and this is the biggest in the world at the moment.”

Megan Vaughan, 27, from Old Swan, said: “I’ve been going every year since 2015. It’s the best festival, the best place, best people. It’s the best place in the world. There’s just a different vibe.”

They will be wearing Montirex

Scousers supporting Jamie Webster at Glastonbury in 2022
Scousers supporting Jamie Webster at Glastonbury in 2022 -Credit:Yui Mok/PA Wire

Montirex’s colourful t-shirts have become must-have-items for Scouse lads over the last few years. Founders Daniel Yuen and Kieran Riddell-Austin have created a Liverpool brand to challenge the likes of Nike and Adidas. The sportswear tops make them ideal for wearing during the warmer weather we’re seeing at Glastonbury this year.

They will be wearing 110s

In a similar vein, Nike Air Max 95s are one of the most popular trainers for Scousers. The grey version with the green trim is a particularly well-liked version. The biggest giveaway is if you hear someone calling them 110s.

They will be glammed up

As we see with the Grand National at Aintree every year, Scouse women don’t do things half-hearted. Before Glastonbury, many beauty salons would have likely been booked up with Scousers ensuring they look the part. If you see someone fully glammed-up at the festival with an incredible outfit, it’s probably someone from Merseyside.

They will be in a big group of friends

Scousers Rachel Lyon, Faye Crossley, Maddie O’Connor and Patrick Dodds, who headed from Liverpool ONE coach station to Glastonbury on Wednesday
Scousers Rachel Lyon, Faye Crossley, Maddie O’Connor and Patrick Dodds, who headed from Liverpool ONE coach station to Glastonbury on Wednesday -Credit:Liverpool Echo

Due to Glastonbury being so popular around here, Scousers will travel down in large numbers. No-one wants to miss out on what the festival has to offer.

Friends Kate MacKerel, 22, from Aigburth, Hope Clements, 22, Ellie Platt, 23, from Huyton and Elizabeth Masen, 23, from West Derby, are going for the first time this year.

Hope told the ECHO: “Everyone says, ‘you don’t know what it’s like until you’ve been, it’s that good’, so we wanted to see for ourselves.”

They will be cheering on fellow Scousers

Liverpool is renowned as a music city and there’s always a few Scouse musicians performing at Glastonbury. This year will be no different, and you’ll be bound to find many Scousers supporting their sets. Many turned up to see Liverpool DJ Lauren Lo Sung on the second day of this year’s festival.

Singer-songwriter Jamie Webster performing at the Other Stage today. In the same place, The Zutons will be performing the next day. Meanwhile, Liverpool band The Farm will be part of the Left Field stage, also on Sunday.

They will be partying the hardest

Scousers love to make a great time out of everything, and Glastonbury is the biggest opportunity to let your hair down and escape the stresses of everyday life. It’s something that kept coming up when the ECHO spoke to people heading there.

Laura Prior, 35, from Toxteth, who was preparing for her eighth Glastonbury, said: “Scousers love a party, and Glastonbury is the biggest party in the whole country, possibly the world, and Scousers are like, 'I've got to be there.’”

Helen Dunne, 38, from Old Swan, who was excited for her fourth time at Glastonbury, added: “Scousers love a party and that’s the main thing.”

You’ll just bump into one

Even if you try your hardest to escape reminders of Liverpool in the depths of Somerset, you still might not succeed. As so many Scousers go to Glastonbury, you’ll probably bump into one while you’re at one of the performances or queuing for a drink. You really can’t move for Scousers at Glastonbury.

Phil McNulty, 35, from Wallasey, who has been to Glastonbury three times, said: “When you go down there, a quarter of the people are Scouse. There’s Scouse accents everywhere.”

Milly Windsor, 23, from Crosby, claimed she had spoken to many Scousers who went to Glastonbury during the 1990s, adding: “I think it’s always been our thing.”

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