Is This 800-Year-Old ‘Mobile Phone’ Proof That Time Travel DOES...

Is This 800-Year-Old ‘Mobile Phone’ Proof That Time Travel DOES Exist?

Conspiracy theorists believe so, after the artefact was allegedly discovered during an archeological dig in Austria.

It bears a striking resemblance to the the popular Nokia phones of the early noughties - but the ‘keys’ appear to be enscribed with cuneiform, an ancient system of writing favoured in 3000 BC Mesopotamia.

But while theorists have reacted wildly at the find, it bears several similarities to another picture posted on Flickr in 2012, which made the same claims.

No specific details are given about when the dig took place, or indeed who discovered the phone like object.

However, the post states that the artefact was discovered during a dig in Salzburg.

But sceptics offered a more humorous view on the artefact.

'I bet it has horrible coverage’, one joker quipped.

Another added: 'There’s probably five missed calls from Chuck Norris on it’.

Picture: Imgur