That '90s Show Is Back This Week, And The Comedy Celebrated With A Classic Joke That '70s Show Fans Will Love

 Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith seated next to each other on couch in That '90s Show.
Credit: Netflix

Hello, Wisconsin! It’s finally time to use that Netflix subscription to return to Point Place as the long-awaited second season of That ‘90s Show premiered this week. A sequel to That ‘70s Show, the series includes occasional references and guest appearances from the beloved sitcom. So, in celebration of the new episodes, That ‘90s Show used a classic joke that fans of That ‘70s Show will love.

It should first be noted that new episodes of That ‘90s Show have dropped on the 2024 TV schedule, but the joke about it coming out holds up. To get fans pumped for Season 2, the Netflix series reminded viewers on Facebook when the new season was coming out, and it included a reference that even Red Forman would love. However, now that it’s been out for over a day, that joke is even more true, and you won’t want to make him angry:

That ‘90s Show returns in 12 HOURS. Don't be late or Red Forman will introduce you to his foot.

Kurtwood Smith’s Red is always talking about sticking his foot up someone’s ass, and that hasn’t changed with That ‘90s Show. It only makes sense that the series reiterated that in order to make sure fans tune in, and I love that they did.

If you still haven’t watched the new season on the Netflix TV schedule, Red would definitely have a thing or two to say, mostly about putting his foot somewhere. Even though it’s been years since That ‘70s Show aired, that joke will never get old, and it’s always fun when it’s brought up.

It's a good thing Smith was convinced That '90s Show would survive and that it got renewed, because then Red wouldn’t be able to make this threat anymore. Also, there is a lot more to look forward to in Season 2 of That ‘90s Show other than Red’s jokes. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis aren’t returning for Season 2, but Don Stark will be shown a lot more as Bob Pinciotti. Plus, Seth Green is returning as Mitch Miller, and it wouldn’t be surprising if more great guest stars were in the mix.

There are also some things we want for Season 2 of That ‘90s Show, including cameos from ‘90s celebrities, clarification of what happened between Hyde and Laurie, more references to historical events and pop culture from the ‘90s, and much more. Obviously, we also want some great jokes and funny threats from Red too.

Netflix is one of the best streaming services, partly because of the shows and movies that are offered, and it’s great that That ‘90s Show is one of them, because it's giving us so much this year. Beyond Season 2 or “Part 2,” as it’s being called, we're also getting “Part 3,” the second part of Season 2, later this year on the 2024 TV schedule, officially premiering on October 24. So, with so much to look forward to and watch right now, make sure you're ready for it all and not late, because the last thing you want is Red's foot.