Insulate Britain protesters have ink thrown over them by furious drivers as they block roads

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Watch: Man squirts Insulate Britain protesters with ink as they block roads

Insulate Britain has blocked roads in London on Wednesday morning including the busy A40, causing anger among delayed drivers who lashed out by covering protesters with blue ink.

Demonstrators blocked traffic on the west London artery of Gypsy Lane at around 8am, with reports of them gluing themselves to the road surface.

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Some protesters, including 77-year-old Christian, had ink thrown on them by an angered driver. He told Greatest Hits Radio London News: “I’m a retired doctor, I spent my life trying to help people and I’m reduced to having to do this because the government won’t address a problem adequately.”

It comes after the group earlier said it has “declared the M25 a site of nonviolent civil resistance”.

“We are not concerned with endless injunctions,” the group said, after the government went to court in a bid to halt the ongoing protests.

Protesters blocked the A40 westbound in London on Wednesday morning (TfL)
Protesters blocked the A40 westbound in London on Wednesday morning (TfL)

Metropolitan Police began attempting to remove and arrest protesters, who have been confronted by angered drivers throughout the morning. 

They have since arrested 17 protesters, while Kent Police said officers made 32 arrests.

A force spokesperson said: “Officers have arrested 17 Insulate Britain activists for obstructing the highway at the A40 junction/Gypsy Lane, North Acton. Police worked quickly to get roads open again. Traffic is now flowing. Thanks to motorists for their patience.”

Protesters also attempted to block traffic in Dartford, but officers intervened before the protest began.

A spokesperson for Insulate Britain told The Independent further action and protests are planned for throughout Wednesday but did not specify where.

“Insulate Britain acknowledges the inconvenience and irritation we are causing to the public in our campaign, we ask that you understand that the days of disruption are necessary to force a government to fulfill its most basic of duties to protect and defend its people.”

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