Aaron Carter Admits His Singing Career Started As A Joke

Bubblegum pop is the kind of music that will split people right down the middle, and nobody comes more bubblegum pop than Aaron Carter, who released his debut album at the age of just ten.

Not too shabby, eh?

However, Aaron has now admitted that the record was released as a joke and nobody, and we mean nobody, expected him to have an actual career in music.

Who knew.

The little brother of Backstreet Boys’ star Nick Carter, a tween Aaron simply took the opportunity and ran with it, and we’re willing to bet that he has absolutely no regrets.

He shared: “Johnny Wright put it all together, and it was kind of like a joke. My first song was called ‘Crush on You’ and it was a cover by the Jets…

“Johnny Wright told me years later ‘We did it as a joke, but then you went and opened up for Backstreet Boys in front of 50,000 people and you got a record deal that night.’

“I don’t think I had a voice. I think I was terrible. But they did it as a joke and I just wanted to get good. I started off singing all these really high-pitched songs when I was younger.

“And then, the second album was kind of like rapping. Then I wanted to figure out how to sing.”

Now 28, the star made the revelation speaking to Oprah Winfrey on ‘Oprah: Where Are They Now - Extra’, and he added: “Justin Bieber and other kind of
kids, they started when they were like 13, 14. My story’s a little different.

“This is all I’ve ever known.”

Despite being doubted from the start, Aaron is determined to prove the haters wrong - adding that it “empowers him”.