'It's an act of selfishness' - Readers have say on Gwynedd second homes figures

Aberdaron -Credit:Robert Parry Jones/North Wales Live

North Wales Live readers have debated the new report which revealed the proportion of holiday homes in Gwynedd with major concerns about the impact on local communities. According to a study by Howden Insurance, Gwynedd ranks near the top for holiday homes in England and Wales, with 4.1% of residences being holiday homes.

However, this figure may be underestimated as it excludes full-time holiday lets and only includes those who spend at least 30 days a year at the address. Plaid MS Mabon ap Gwynfor expressed concerns about the rising number of second homes, stating that it pushes house prices beyond local salaries and threatens the sustainability of communities.

He said the increase in second homes drives locals out of the property market and creates desolate towns and villages in winter. North Wales Live readers have now added their views to the issue.

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One reader, Ifan, wrote: "2nd homes are a blight. There are enough houses in Wales for everyone. It's an act of selfishness to have two homes whether you've worked hard or not."

User Jnrm said: "Are you going to comment on the finding that there are six times more Empty Homes than second homes? I suspect the issue is the majority of Empty Homes belong to residents of Wales!

"I note Gwynedd Councillors make no mention of the Welsh Affairs Committee review into housing. Perhaps they haven't heard of one of the main finding? Well here it is: 'Bringing empty homes back into use should be the mainstay of attempts to ease the housing crisis in Wales, MPs heard. Almost six times more properties in the country are classed as empty than there are second homes, the Welsh Affairs Committee was told.'"

The village of Abersoch has expanded over the years
The village of Abersoch has expanded over the years -Credit:Ian Cooper/North Wales Live

Oooooo000 said: "High time preventative measures were taken to stop north Wales being a dormitory for all the people in service sector non-jobs in North West England. Move to the countryside to watch television and shop at Tesco and Asda and complain about farmers, and locals and that there's 'nothing to do here'. We should build a wall."

Shady L wrote: "With so many second homes paying extra council tax, I presume Gwynedd council are the most well off council in Wales. They should therefore have absolutely no excuse for not providing every service expected by their council taxpayers."

Haroc said: "No mention of the fact these homes are paying higher % in council tax, but only occasionally using the services and resources they’re paying for! Their money’s going into the council coffers, yet locals aren’t benefiting by having this extra income filtered down to them.

"The locals should be having the best services at reduced rates, not having their council taxes increased? Ask these councillors where this extra income is being used, because it’s not being put into social housing developments or for any benefit of the community."

Howonearth said: "Tourism provides jobs for 12% of the Welsh economy. 31% of people in Wales work in the Public sector which adds nothing to the coffers. Across Wales, 22.9% of people aged 16 to 64 years were economically inactive last year. Be very grateful for tourism, just imagine how financially embarrassed Wales would be without it."

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