Activists Report Police Throwing Tear Gas in Front of Caracas School

Activists and Venezuelan opposition leaders said police forces launched tear gas at protesters in front of an elementary school in Caracas on April 26, impacting children.

Venezuelans across the country are protesting in ongoing demonstrations against President Nicholas Maduro and his administration, whom the opposition say is trying to evade new elections. Recent protests highlight police brutality and violent protest suppression tactics by the national guard, including over 20 deaths.

Years of economic decline led to food and medicine shortages, causing unrest across Venezuela. Anti-government protests resurged after the Supreme Court decided in March to strip power from the opposition-controlled National Assembly. That decision was reversed three days later. In a separate move, Venezuela’s comptroller banned opposition leader Henrique Capriles from holding political office for 15 years, fueling additional outrage in the country. Credit: Lilian Tintori via Storyful