As Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore 2 Moves Forward At Netflix, Travis Kelce Addresses Rumor That He’s Joining The Cast

 Travis Kelce talking on The Tonight Show, pictured next to Adam Sandler looking upset in Happy Gilmore.
Travis Kelce talking on The Tonight Show, pictured next to Adam Sandler looking upset in Happy Gilmore.

You can’t deny that Travis and Jason Kelce are hot properties right now. As the former is currently a Super Bowl champion who’s dating Taylor Swift, and the latter is a recently retired pillar of sportsmanship, their fortunes are pretty rosy. And at the moment, there’s a rumor that Travis’ career could branch out into movies, thanks to a theory that he’s joining the cast of the Netflix legacy-quel Happy Gilmore 2.

As Travis Kelce chopped it up with brother Jason on their New Heights’ YouTube channel, the retired center for the Philadelphia Eagles brought up a Reddit “conspiracy theory” sparking this conversation. Addressing that subject with a pitch on why he should be part of Adam Sandler’s resurrection of one of the best golf movies, Travis stated his case as follows:

I didn't even know there was a job opening for Happy Gilmore 2. But if there is, I'll be a fucking extra. You know, anything to just get around Happy Gilmore or [an] Adam Sandler film or set. Count me in. Obviously, I’ve been a huge fan of the Sandman but, yes, this is exactly what it says it is – a conspiracy theory.

So what sort of evidence does this would-be conspiracy theorist have? Well, there’s two pieces that sparked the imagination of the Redditor who posed it. First, there was the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s theory on the Kelce Brothers’ recent Hollywood trip. The FUBAR star and action legend seems to think that the brothers have been taking meetings and are looking to get their names in lights.

But the kicker in this Happy Gilmore 2 scenario is that Travis Kelce has been wearing a hat with the name of the 1996 film shown right on the front. Since that fashion choice happens to overlap with the proximity of the sequel’s announcement, it’s practically Half-Life 3 confirmed.

And Travis Kelce’s further comments on the matter certainly won’t let the subject die any time soon. That’s thanks to hopes sparked by this follow-up remark:

Who knows, theories can come true, theories can be true, and just people don’t know about it. So I might even be in [talks], and nobody knows about it. But I could also not be in [talks].

While some here at the CinemaBlend offices have major Happy Gilmore 2 concerns, the enthusiasm is pretty high for this new Adam Sandler project. Though if this conspiracy theory does turn out to be true, you can bet that everyone will be rushing to try and come up with the identity of where Travis Kelce’s cameo/supporting role would best be suited.

If you’re asking me, he’d be a perfect successor to Ben Stiller’s evil nurse from the Happy Madison Cinematic Universe, especially since that character seems to have moved on to the world of Hubie Halloween. But if you need some more convincing, you can use your Netflix subscription to watch both Happy Gilmore and Hubie Halloween in an afternoon double feature for the ages.