Ade Edmondson questioned about late friend Rik Mayall in 'awkward' interview


Good Morning Britain viewers picked up on some tension as Adrian Edmondson was asked about his late friend Rik Mayall in an “awkward” interview.

Mayall, who co-starred with long-time friend Edmondson in The Young Ones and Bottom, died from a heart attack in 2014.

Edmondson, 62, was chatting to presenters Ranvir Singh and Ben Shephard on the ITV show when the actor and comedian was mentioned.

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“All I get is people like you bringing him up,” he said.

“We haven’t worked together since 2003. He died five years ago and we haven’t worked since then…”

Edmondson - who has previously said that he and Mayall “were like brothers” – said he did not know “what people want me to say about him”.

“He’s dead, and I do miss him, and he’s dead,” he said.

“And he’s dead, and he’s dead. He’s not here.

Ade Edmondson on GMB (ITV)
Ade Edmondson on GMB (ITV)

“This is what happens.”

Viewers were quick to comment on the interview, with one person writing on Twitter: “What a stupid question. Do you still miss your dead friend?”

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Ade Edmondson appeared on GMB on Friday, 29 November. (ITV)
Ade Edmondson appeared on GMB on Friday, 29 November. (ITV)

Another said: “Is it me or was that awkward when Ranvir asked @AdrianEdmondson if he missed Rik Mayall?”

“GMB why oh why would you ask @AdrianEdmondson if he misses Rik?’re an embarrassment to yourselves,” said another.

Actors and comedians Rik Mayall (left) and Ade Edmondson, who star in the film, arrive for the celebrity screening of Guest House Paradiso, at the Warner Village Cinema in Leicester Square, London.
Rik Mayall (left) and Ade Edmondson

“Ade got a bit tetchy at the mention of Rick (sic)” said another person.

One person tweeted: “Bit uncomfortable the way he’s talking about rick mayall was there any need to say he is dead so many times.”

Host Rik Mayall arrives at the British Animation Awards (BAA's), at the Shaw Theatre, central London, Thursday 9 March 2006. Watch for PA Story. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Photo credit should read: Anthony Harvey/PA
Rik Mayall arrives at the British Animation Awards (BAA's) in 2006 (Anthony Harvey/PA)

There was another awkward moment when presenter Shephard apparently gave Edmondson a bit of an eyeful.

Shephard was wearing a kilt in honour of Scottish-born presenter Lorraine Kelly’s birthday, and Edmondson told him: "It's riding up quite shockingly."

Shephard said he was wearing the kilt in the “authentic” way, and Edmondson teased: “I can confirm that!”

Edmondson and Mayall met while studying at university in the 70s, and went on to become comedy partners.

They later shared the screen in the comedy The Young Ones from 1982 to 1984, and co-starred in Bottom, which aired from 1991 to 1995.

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