Meet the adorable cat with two different faces

Nick Reilly
This cat’s perfectly split facial fur is thought to be a result of different DNA on each side. (Caters)

It might look like something from a Batman comic, but this adorable cat’s two-tone face has won it a legion of fans from across the globe.

The adorable feline has perfectly split black and grey facial fur, which is thought to be a direct result of differing DNA on each side of her face.

A photo of the cat’s perfectly divided face was taken by animal photographer Jean-Michel Labat, who is known for running an Instagram account that’s entirely devoted to his work – including numerous other photos of cats.

The adorable cat was snapped by Jean-Michel Labat (Caters)
The chimera cat has won admirers across the globe (Caters)

Although rare, cats with the distinctive two-faced look are known as chimera cats, a phrase which dates back to greek mythology and the concept of a ‘monster’ that is made up of different animals.

This cat, however, couldn’t be less monstrous – and it seems that chimeras aren’t perhaps as rare as initially believed.

Her unique markings are extremely rare and are thought to be the result of two embryos fusing together (Caters)
Felines with this mysterious look are known as chimera cats and in mythology, a chimera is a monster made up of different animals. (Caters)

In a National Geographic article, University of California professor Leslie Lyons claims that most male tortoiseshell cats are in facts chimeras – their fur indicating that they have an extra x chromosome.


Describing the method of working out if a cat is a chimera, professor Lyons said: ‘We can do a DNA fingerprint—just like on CSI—and the DNA from one side of the body should be different than the other.’