Retired engineer who called 999 slams 'despicable' neighbour Kirsty Sharman for leaving note on ambulance windscreen

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Brian Heath called the ambulance that Kirsty Sharman left an abusive note on (SWNS)

A retired engineer has lashed out at the sentence handed out to Kirsty Sharman, who left an abusive note on an ambulance that told them to “move your van”.

Brian Heath called 999 to send the ambulance to his home in Stoke-on-Trent that parked outside Sharman’s property.

Yesterday, Sharman, 26, pleaded guilty to a public order offence for writing the note, which said she “couldn’t give a s**t” if the whole street collapsed” and was fined £120.

However, Mr Heath, whose wife Christine was being treated by the ambulance crew, said they were at their “wits’ end” with their neighbour.

Sharman was fined £120 for writing the abusive note and leaving it on the ambulance

Mrs Heath, a retired postal worker, is still in Royal Stoke Hospital where she is being treated for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

The couple, who have three children and three grandchildren, have been forced to keep a log of incidents since Sharman moved in next door in September 2016.

Mr Heath, who also served in the army, said: “My wife is still in hospital.


“This is the fourth time she [Sharman] has been arrested – we are at our wits’ end.

“I call her Teflon because nothing sticks. This has been going on for more than 15 months. I am shocked she has got off again.”

Recalling an incident over the festive period, Mr Heath continued: “She was arrested the Friday before Christmas, they kept her in on Christmas Day – we had a lovely Christmas dinner and she went to court on Boxing Day.

The retired engineer say he and his wife are at their “wits end” over Sharman’s behaviour (SWNS)

“She was bound to keep the peace with us, us and any third party. She wasn’t allowed to come to Parsonage Street.

“Since she has been here she has been up till the early hours – she wasn’t supposed to come back here.

“Police came every day, knocking on the door, but she wouldn’t open the door and she was using the back door.”

He added: “She might be all ladylike but when she starts, she starts.

“We are called ‘grasses’ any time the police come. It’s doesn’t matter if other people in the street phone them, it’s us, we are grasses.

The note told paramedics to “move your f***ing van” (PA)

“We have had food thrown up our door, she has kicked the door, she spat all down the door.

“She said, ‘if you don’t keep your f**king mouth shut it will be more than spit on your door.’

“I even apologised to the paramedics because I knew what was going, she was opening and slamming the door and, of course, she had a go at the paramedic.”

Commenting on her fine for leaving the note on the ambulance, Mr Heath said: “The police have done a wonderful job but we were let down by the courts…

“The fine won’t make any difference, I am not holding my breath.”