Adorable police puppies in pouches steal the show at Chilean military parade

Eleanor Rose
The dogs belong to the Canine Unit of the Carabineros de Chile: AFP/Getty Images

A troop of golden retriever puppies stole the show when they took part in Chile's annual military parade.


The fluffy young dogs snuggled, tongues lolling, in neon green pouches worn across the chests of a row of marching police trainers.


The puppy section was followed by a line of uniformed men walking adult golden retrievers and labradors, which all wore little boots.


The dogs belong to the Canine Unit of the Carabineros de Chile, the country's national police force.


Serious business: The puppies are being trained in the Canine Unit of Chile's national police force (REUTERS)

More than 9,500 troops marched for the Great Military Parade in Santiago's O'Higgins Park on Thursday as part of Chile's 208th Independence Day anniversary.


The spectacle, which attracts millions of viewers as it is beamed around the nation, has been a tradition for more than 50 years.


It isn't the first time the Canine Unit has featured in the celebration. Their debut marchpast was in 2008.


In 2017, footage from TV station Mega showed a decorated army official cracking a smile as a row of puppies passed by.