Adrian Lester accidentally drops big 'Trigger Point' spoiler

Adrian Lester stars in Trigger Point (ITV)
Adrian Lester stars in 'Trigger Point'. (ITV)

Trigger Point star Adrian Lester has accidentally dropped a huge spoiler about his character's fate in the show with a hastily deleted tweet revealing what happens to him.

Lester stars as bomb disposal expo Joel "Nut" Nutkins alongside Vicky McClure as his work partner Lana Washington in the new ITV thriller that has been executive produced by Line Of Duty writer Jed Mercurio.

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But he managed to let slip what happened to Nut after he was caught in a bomb blast at the end of episode one in a cliffhanger which saw McClure's character searching for him in the unexpected explosion.

Adrian Lester deleted the tweet about what happens to him in the show. (ITV)
Adrian Lester deleted the tweet about what happens to him in the show. (ITV)

It wasn't clear from the Sunday night debut episode whether Nut had been killed or injured, but on Monday morning Lester sent a tweet that appeared to give away what was to come in episode two.

He wrote: "THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW - Froze to Death RIVIERA- Blown up. DOOMSDAY - Shot in the back with Arrows TRIGGER POINT - Blown up. This job is killing me."

Shortly aftewards, Lester deleted the tweet and posted again: "Ahem….. Seems my last one might have been a little ‘too soon’."

However, fans thought it was obvious his character had been killed off, with one replying: "A spoiler!? But then you were stood next to the van. It would be quite the story if you survived that!"

Someone else commented: "Genuinely gutted! Was so looking forward to seeing you again. You will be forgiven if you do another series of The negotiation here!"

Another fan added: "You're not to blame. I don't get the thought process of some people: I haven't seen a major TV show in which an actor I follow on Twitter is starring in, so I will go on to Twitter where that actor is likely to talk about the show."

Mercurio became known for killing off major characters in Line Of Duty, with one of its stars Martin Compston also suffering a similar character fate in last year's submarine thriller Vigil where he was murdered in episode one.

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Pictured;VICKY MCCLURE as Lana Washington and ADRIAN LESTER as Joel Nutkins.

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The actor plays a bomb disposal expo alongside Vicky McClure. (ITV)

Lester fans shared their disappointment that his character was caught in the blast, but they had hoped to see him return to the series.

One viewer tweeted: "Brilliant, but Adrian Lester deserved more than one episode!!!"

Another person agreed: "They can't kill off Adrian Lester in the first episode. Not fair!!!"

Someone else commented: "I should have learned after Vigil!!!! I’ve been going round for weeks, describing this as a Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester series. I’ve been totally hoodwinked."

Another fan tweeted: "i screamed!!! (please tell me @AdrianLester is in the next episode though? please????)"

Trigger Point continues on Sundays at 9pm on ITV.

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