Aftersun Is Finally Streaming On Netflix, And Fans Can't Stop Gushing Over How Good The Paul Mescal Movie Is: 'One Of The Best Films Of The Decade'

 Paul Mescal looking straight ahead under florescent lights in Aftersun.
Credit: A24

If you have a Netflix subscription, the internet has a solid recommendation for you to check out this week: Aftersun. The A24 movie starring Paul Mescal was released back in 2022, but it’s likely you might have missed it when it initially came out. The drama has glowing reviews, but be warned, you might be leaving with a wounded heart.

Aftersun hit Netflix on Friday (after being only available to either rent/buy or watch on Showtime). Here’s one major sell from Twitter user @alexrmaz:

One of the best films of this decade I’m so serious.

The movie, written/directed by Charlotte Wells in her directorial debut, is about a father-daughter relationship as they spend a vacation together at a Turkish resort. The movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival before traveling to all sorts of festivals and earning a near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes score of 96 percent. As another Twitter user (@MikeLaPenta) wrote when the release was announced:

Give it a chance if you’re looking for something to watch. My favorite movie of the 2020s so far.

When it hit theaters in October 2022, the small independent movie only made $8.4 million at the worldwide box office. However, it should have received a lot more attention, especially when it comes to how audiences have received it. The movie even landed Paul Mescal his first (and only, so far) Oscar nomination for playing the movie’s central father, Callum, who is dealing with depression and anxiety throughout the film. Here’s another vote of confidence from Twitter’s @K_L_E_, albeit with a warning:

millions of people are about to watch a 5 star masterpiece that will crush their entire being

CinemaBlend’s own Philip Sledge caught the film last summer and wrote about how deeply he was affected by the movie. It is definitely going down in history as a movie that honestly and authentically deals with mental illness. Having Aftersun wreck you seems like a rather universal experience, but aren’t those the best movies sometimes? Here’s how Twitter’s @AT0MICAFRI reacted to it streaming on Netflix:

having it on dvd isn't enough, now I can ruin my life in a different format

Since the movie hit streaming a few days ago, it hasn’t quite made the top 10 yet, as throwback movies like Fifty Shades Of Grey and Home join Netflix originals like Trigger Warning and the continued streaming success of Hitman. Considering all the glowing recommendations from fans of Aftersun, we have to wonder if that will soon change! Here’s one more, from Twitter user @alex_reno:

if you want to watch a very, very good movie that will completely rip your heart out then this is the one

So, if you see someone upset this week, it might be because they just witnessed Aftersun for the first time!! It’s definitely one of Paul Mescal’s best movies right alongside his stellar performance in Normal People. Once you’ve cried your eyes out over this great new Netflix release, check out our analysis of the Aftersun ending!! You’re welcome.