Airbnb guests invited to spend the night in Shrek's swamp in the Scottish Highlands - for free

Shrek fans are being invited to enjoy a free fairytale stay at the ogre's swamp in the Scottish Highlands.

Ardverikie Estate, where hit TV show Monarch of the Glen was filmed, looks set to host a recreation of the much-loved DreamWorks character's home.

The unique getaway is available for two days next month via Airbnb.

The mud-laden, moss-covered and murky-watered oasis has been described as a "perfectly snug spot to escape from village life and embrace the beauty of nature".

Guests will be able to relax in the ambience of "earwax candlelight", share stories around the fire, and eat like an ogre with freshly made waffles in the morning, according to the mysterious Airbnb advert for the experience.

Shrek's iconic outhouse is also mentioned in the property listing.

Shrek's sidekick Donkey, who is said to be "swamp-sitting" for his best pal, will be rolling out the welcome mat, according to the ad.

Airbnb quotes Donkey - who is voiced in the films by Eddie Murphy - as saying: "Shrek's Swamp is lovely. Just beautiful. The perfect place to entertain guests.

"You know what I like about it? Everything.

"The overgrown landscaping, the modest interiors, the nice boulders, all of it.

"I can't wait for guests to experience this muddy slice of paradise for themselves."

The free two-night stay will take place between 27-29 October and can accommodate up to three guests.

Bookings open on 13 October.

Airbnb said the experience is "not a contest" and guests will be responsible for their own travel to and from the "swamp" in Scotland.

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The Airbnb listing added: "This property is independently owned and operated by Ardverikie Estate.

"Universal Studios Licensing LLC was compensated for providing rights to the use of DreamWorks Animation's SHREK and the Donkey character."

Airbnb also said it will make a one-time donation to HopScotch Children's Charity, which provides respite breaks to some of Scotland's most vulnerable and disadvantaged youngsters.