Airport Bus Flooded Amid Record-Breaking Majorca Deluge

Flash flooding brought Palma airport to a standstill for a number of hours on Tuesday, June 11, after record-breaking rain fell on the Spanish island of Majorca.

Some 71 liters (15.6 gallons) per square meter of rain fell on Tuesday in parts of Majorca, breaking the previous daily record for June of 55 liters, set in 1991, according to the State Meteorological Agency.

Footage by Marc Nadal shows water flooding a transfer bus. Nadal said he was trying to get to Palma International Airport. A truck and car are also seen stranded in the floodwater.

Palma airport said it was forced to temporarily halt operations because of the storm. Service resumed a few hours later, according to the airport. Credit: Marc Nadal via Storyful

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