Watch: Rattlesnakes flee hail storm, return to sip melting ice

Trail cameras monitoring a rattlesnake rookery in Colorado have captured footage showing several snakes slithering for cover in a hail storm, then emerging to drink from melting ice pellets.

Project RattleCam shared the accompanying footage Tuesday, explaining: “There was a brief hail storm at the rookery yesterday. The snakes fled, then drank the melting ice.”

The hail storm struck with the air temperature at 81 degrees, Project RattleCam explained via YouTube.

Viewers may note that as the storm strengthened, the snakes were quicker to seek shelter in the rocks. But they were just as quick to emerge to capture what water they could from the melting pellets.

Project RattleCam, a collaboration between scientists at Cal Poly, Central Coast Snake Services, and Dickinson College, focuses on prairie rattlesnakes in Northern Colorado.

However, a California Cam is expected to launch in July.

The group’s mission is to “uncover the secret lives of snakes.”

Story originally appeared on For The Win