Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Invites Margaret Thatcher To Dinner But Doesn’t Know She’s Dead...

Oh Aisleyne. You are literally one of our most favourite people ever – even more so after hearing about your latest gaffe.

After heaping praise on former PM Margaret Thatcher during a recent interview – and saying she’d like to get her drunk – it all got a bit awkward after it became apparent that Aisleyne, darling of the Conservative Party, didn’t realise old Maggie had DIED quite a while ago.


BFFs for lyfe. Copyright: [Getty]


The former Big Brother star was asked by The Mirror who she’d most like to invite for a ‘dream night out’, and the answer took us somewhat by surprise:

“Do you know what? My dream night out would be with someone like Margaret Thatcher.”


Maggie off to chill at Sugar Hut. Copyright: [Getty]

“What? You look blank! Listen - She paved the way for me, she made it so the normal person could buy a flat, so she helped me along the way on my route to success – buying flats and such.”


Your heart was in the right place, hey hun? Copyright: [Instagram]

“So I’d really like to go to dinner with her, pick at her brain, have a little chat and get her drunk!”

At this point there’s a sort of stunned silence in the room, where the interviewer thought it would be wise to let our Ais know that Mags had popped her clogs a whole TWO years ago.


Aisleyne with her nan (not Margaret Thatcher). Copyright: [Instagram]

Seeming shocked to say the least, the author of 'Escaping Guns, Gangs and Glamour’ let out an embarrassed “REALLY!? Love you girl! RIP, sorry ”.

Oh babe, never change.