Alan Titchmarsh names four plants to keep slugs away from your garden this summer

Alan Titchmarsh
Alan Titchmarsh -Credit:Mikal Ludlow Photography

Alan Titchmarsh has spilled the beans on the top four plants that will help keep those pesky slugs at bay in your garden this summer.

Despite the sunny spells hitting the UK, our gardens are still under siege from slugs and snails. These slimy invaders love damp conditions and often hide under rocks or in shady spots.

But fear not, TV gardening guru Alan is on hand with his expert advice to help you keep your garden slug-free. Even if you're not a green-fingered wizard, there are some plants that can naturally repel slugs and require little effort to maintain.


According to the Daily Mail, Alan, 74, recommends four particular flowers to create a pest-resistant oasis.


In a chat with Gardeners' World Magazine podcast, Alan revealed that ferns are among the most resilient plants when it comes to warding off both snails and slugs. He enthusiastically stated: "You think they are boring, aren't they? Well, they are not and they are brilliant for shady spots." Slugs find them nearly impossible to eat.

Regardless of the type of fern you choose - be it a regular, Royal or crested variety - they can last for several years and are an easy-to-care-for solution to pest problems, according to Alan. The 74 year old personally recommends the Dryopteris, also known as the Wood Fern, which thrives in areas that lack moisture.


For those battling a slug infestation and looking to add a dash of colour to their garden, TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh recommends Geraniums. He explained that these plants not only bloom beautifully throughout the summer but also effectively deter pests. Slugs and snails may hide beneath the leaves, but they do not eat them.

Despite their flamboyant appearance, they are easy to maintain and thrive in sunny conditions. Geraniums can add a touch of sparkle to flowerbeds and backyard borders.


If you're after a bold splash of acid yellow, consider planting Alchemilla (Lady's Mantle) seeds. On his podcast, Alan revealed that this daring plant is also effective at keeping slugs away.

"It has these scalloped-edged leaves which hold on to water like quicksilver...which are coated in very fine down...which puts slugs and snails off eating them," he said.

But the benefits of Alchemilla don't stop there. This perennial flower can also prevent weeds from sprouting in your flowerbeds and borders.

According to Richard Jackson Garden, the broad leaves of Alchemilla spread widely, leaving no room or light for weeds to encroach.

Fuchsias and Penstemons

Lastly, Alan suggested bright and colourful Fuchsias and Penstemons as other slug-deterring shrubs. Both these plants typically grow larger and can even reach knee height.

Despite their effectiveness in keeping slugs away during the summer, these plants will not survive the cold weather, according to Alan. In his final piece of advice for maintaining a slug-free garden, Alan suggested that fans should consider plants with downy stems or fluffy leaves, as pests typically avoid them.